TEFL Facts You Must Be Aware Of


So you aspire to teach English to speakers of other languages in your home country or abroad? If yes, then taking the TEFL course online is the best way to live your dreams. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Many institutes are offering TEFL course in India. Many of them offer TEFL certification online as well. You can either join a regular class or enrol in an online course. But before you do that, let’s dig a little deeper into a few facts about TEFL:

1. Many TEFL teachers are placed in non-English speaking countries or atmosphere. When you are hired as a TEFL teacher, you are primarily hired to speak in English and teach the language exclusively in the classroom. The idea behind having a teacher who can speak native level English is to provide the students with an atmosphere allowing total immersion in the classroom, facilitating better communication is English among the students. While, knowledge of a foreign language isn’t a necessity for being a TEFL teacher but yes, knowing a few local phrases will be of help if you are placed in a foreign location.

2. As a TEFL teacher, you will have to teach a wide range of students. They might be kindergarten students or University students. Both primary schools and higher educational institutes have a huge demand for TEFL teachers. Not only that, but TEFL teachers are also recruited in organisational settings. As the pace of globalisation is increasing, knowledge of business English has become a prerequisite in countries across Europe and Eastern Asian countries. As such, the demand for TEFL teachers is growing continuously. So, doing a TEFL course online will be the best career move if you love teaching.

3. English is the international language of business. Many countries, especially the non-native English speaking countries see the knowledge of English essential for their economic development. Be it for business purpose or the development of tourism and other industries, learning English is one of the keys to a better future. As such, doing TEFL certification online is definitely the best bet!

5. TEFL certification can help you get a job in your home country too. Working as a TEFL teacher will give you valuable work experience in a wide range of setting. Also, you will gain transferable skills in various areas such as organisation, communication, and presentation.

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