The Need of the Webinar Based Online Courses for the 21st Century Learning Goals

When we hear the term ‘webinar’, the first thing that comes to our mind is the internet. In plain and simple words, a webinar is an online teaching-learning training which is conducted via the internet and of course an electrical device – smartphone/laptop/desktop/tablet anything can be used. Webinar program or session is an online experience which connects the learners or the participants with the viewers across the globe. The most important feature of live webinars is the interactional approach.

In this current situation, we all are well aware of the overall health emergency and the need to stay indoors. Most of the countries are in a lockdown period and there is no way out because health is the utmost necessity in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean that learning should be stopped, education finds its way. Here, the webinar is playing its role in supporting the learners for student welfare. The digital event helps the students with the best of knowledge, trainings and skills via the international efforts to trim down the impact of the pandemic. Webinars are somewhere quite related to web conferencing format in which education is based on remote, live, different kinds of virtual seminars, different online conferences, or training web meetings with larger groups of learners.

The foremost characteristic of the webinars is its interactive nature to provide information in real-time. The other salient features are:

  • Chat
  • Polls and surveys
  • Video and presentation
  • Recording
  • Ability to discuss
  • Receive information

The reason why the webinar format of teaching-learning training is getting more and more popular with the time is these are convenient and cost-effective for both presenters and attendees at any time and place. Anybody can take part in a webinar session without just leaving his/her work or maybe just while staying at home, or on a business trip or vacation, anything.

As teaching English as a foreign language or second language has become immensely popular among the young people because of its obvious benefits, the need for proper training of TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is also booming. Amid the lockdown situation, the presenter can reach a larger audience of different learners through a webinar and they will not have to spend time and money on travelling. The harsh reality is in today’s fast-forwarded human race, people who can keep up with the industry’s latest developments can be successful.

In a webinar session, trainees get the chance to attend the training meeting and also can take part jointly in curriculum-based activities with their trainers along with peers virtually from everywhere, with just a click. Sometimes, the participants can be benefited from many interactive sessions with expert trainers. So, what happens when you miss a session? The pre-recorded videos of the sessions make it accessible for the learners if they miss any scheduled session in case. It is also apt for those ESL aspirants who are not able to attend any classroom sessions.

Now, let’s see what are the things required for a webinar:

For attendees, the things which are usually needed —

  • Strong internet access
  • An audio headset like headphones, microphone etc.
  • smartphone/laptop/desktop/tablet anything

For presenters, the things which are usually needed —

  • Stable internet connection
  • C webcam
  • An audio headset like headphones, microphone etc.
  • A webinar hosting system

With a computer/smartphone/laptop/desktop/tablet with a stable internet connection and microphone is enough for a webinar session. Moreover, you do not have to acquire any special technical understanding of it as well.

COVID-19 has disturbed the face-to-face educational experience across the globe that’s why keeping the safety in the mind, different educational provisions and TEFL course contributors are providing webinar-based online TEFL courses that generate the virtual knowledge experiences for learners. The reason behind this teaching format is that the trainers and the learners can continue the ongoing educational practice by teaching online.

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