Things to Know Before Opting for a TEFL Course

Teaching English to non-native speakers of the language is a lot more challenging than it sounds. The grammatical nuances and technical aspects of pronunciation come with a lot of exceptions which might get intimidating at times. Don’t be scared though. If you are thinking of pursuing TEFL course in Kolkata, then go ahead; because the career scope is immensely rewarding. But before you opt for TEFL courses, take a moment to consider the following factors:

  1. Why do you want to do a TEFL course in Kolkata?

Is it for the love of teaching and the language? Do you want to become a teacher and also have a wide cultural exposure? The reasons can be many, but you have to think about what motivates you to become a TEFL teacher. Also, think from the student’s perspective. How are they going to benefit from you as a teacher? Reflecting on these aspects and how you want to teach your students will help you in planning your moves.

  1. Should you go for an online TEFL course or choose a regular one?

You might have a different learning style, and that’s why you do not feel comfortable in a classroom setting. Or you do not have the time to go and attend classroom sessions. Reasons are many, but you have to take the decision depending on your needs. Nowadays, online classes are getting popular. You are introduced to all the aspects of TEFL course in these classes. However, you won’t get a hands-on classroom experience. Consider the scope of the course and your needs before enrolling.

  1. Do you meet the needs for TEFL Certification?

Different TEFL programmes have a different set of hours. It might require you to teach in a classroom session to get a hands-on experience. See whether you are ready to dedicate the required hours and time for it or not. You can even enrol for online TEFL courses in Kolkata. You can enrol in degree, diploma or certificate courses. Check the eligibility criteria, methodology, and assessment procedure and see whether you meet the needs or not. Accordingly, choose one course for you.

TEFL Course in Kolkata

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