Tips to Have a Killer TEFL/TESOL Resume to Get Hired Immediately

After getting a TEFL/TESOL degree, your next move will be to find a good EFL/ESL teaching job and if you are a trained one then you are already a step ahead of the game. Getting a good ESL job now, especially when there is a huge competition, will need you to stay one step ahead from your competitors. It’s time you update your resume.

But how to make a winning TEFL resume to get hired?

What you must include making a winning TEFL resume?

How do I sell myself as a good ESL teacher?

How do I write a resume for a teacher with no experience?

So, these are some of the most common questions that come usually after completing a TEFL/TESOL course. We are here to help you to write a great resume to find good TEFL/TESOL jobs abroad and to provide you an edge over others.

Mentioned below are some points to help with the task:

Strong Focus on Your Best Skills: Yes, this is the most basic and important point which you should keep in mind while making your resume. Make a list of your hard and soft skills and add those skills that are related to your TEFL resume. For example, you may be a grammar whiz or maybe good at lesson planning, add all these key points in your resume.

Incorporate Your Educational Credentials: Before anything, just make sure that you add your educational credentials with certifications. Add your Bachelor’s degree, a TEFL certificate, or maybe both. List your highest-level qualifications at first. Apart from these, if you have any kind of special rewards or certificates which could be found relevant, add those in your resume too!

Add Personal Information: This is also an important area, list your name, your contact information, citizenship/nationality, any work/nationality visas that you may hold, gender, age, plus the marital status. This should be listed at the top left of your resume.

Experience (if you have any): If you don’t have any “official” classroom experience then you can also include some other work experiences of your own like if you are into tuitions or you have worked as student groups organizer or anything like that. Be very lucid and brief in your descriptions. Don’t forget to list your volunteer work.

Add Your Language Skills: If you can speak multiple languages then add that into your resume as it explains your understanding of the superb world of linguistics. Being a student of different languages will showcase an aptitude to identify with your future ESL classroom.

Whitespace: A fine balance between the text and whitespace is required. Make sure to break up the blocks of texts to make your points as much clearer as well as to enhance the ease of reading.


  • Keep it professional
  • Be honest
  • Additional Activities and Accomplishments


  • Don’t avoid the need for the title.
  • Don’t overlook the need of including the key strengths you possess.
  • Avoid the poor layout.
  • Don’t make your resume too long.
  • Don’t dress your resume up with fancy fonts, colours or borders.

Along with all the above-mentioned tips with just a bit of homework and thought, you can make the resume work in your good turn and with this, you will stand a much better possibility of hearing the words – “You’re hired!”.

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