Trending tips for first time TEFL teachers

Teaching abroad is a new opportunity to foster learning, making that experience unique both for you and your students’ lives.  As a first time teacher teaching English as Foreign Language abroad, you need to know the basics for starting your professional journey:

Plan Your Lessons

Planning the lessons that you are going to impart to your learners is vital. Understanding the outcomes before you begin is essential. When you walk into the room, you should know exactly what you will be doing that day and have the materials you need to do it.

Each lesson you teach to your learners needs to have a clear objective, with aims and objectives as to why they want to learn English.  This gives you some useful ideas for future lessons that can match to their needs.

Establish Your Role in the Classroom

In your journey as a TEFL educator you need to understand how students in that culture view teachers. Set up classroom expectations that are similar to their experiences. This will make your job much easier for the students.

When you are talking to students, speak slowly and clearly and maintain eye contact.  An important part of creating a positive classroom is to make your students feel valued and cherished. Talk, teach and communicate positively. Your body language and tone of voice will also play important roles in comforting students.

Create a Comfortable Learning Environment

Students need to feel comfortable in the environment you set.  Giving your students a routine at first can be very comforting, especially in the early days or week. They should know what to expect when they walk into class. By knowing what is coming next and what they will be expected to do can help create a more relaxed atmosphere for your students.

As a TEFL educator create a healthy learning environment, where your lessons are successful and your students will pick up English smoothly.  This will show your students that you are enjoying teaching them which will encourage them to work more efficiently.

Take an Interest in Student Success

Show your students that you care and that you want them to succeed.  Their success in the classroom equals your success as an TEFL teacher. Prepare a few simple communication activities for your students to do.  This will get them to open up and talk to one another, and get them more involved in reaching their educational goals.

Motivating the students and meeting the growing need to teach global learners enables them to accept responsibility for their lives and to identify their needs and develop strategies to meet the same.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post, all the tips are practical and would be aiding new educators understand how to handle the real classroom settings.

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