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Try These 6 Millennial Words That You have discussed in Your TEFL Classroom

You know how important it is to increase your English vocabulary by joining the TEFL courses. The reason is simple; you would look confident and can remain effective with the communication process. Having said, you can express your ideas or body language in a much better manner. With urban people using different, interesting words, some of the newly added millennial words would benefit you, not to look oh-so-perplexed. Even if you don’t use them in your regular written or verbal communication processes, it is always better to stay aware and informed.

Viewing the need, a TEFL classroom went a bit tad, inventing the new words and phrases. So, keeping that in mind we have jotted down these 15 millennial English words that are commonly heard and used by the millennial.

  • First, Binge-Watch – Thanks to the English series doing the rounds in the lives of almost every millennial, this word binge-watch came into existence. Basically, the meaning of the term is who watch all the episodes of a TV series (like GAME OF THRONES, FRIENDS) in rows!

The usage would be

I hate waiting every week for the new episode and prefer to binge-watch it on the weekends.

  • Second, Cray – it may look short and easy to use, but this English word is a modern version, popularly noted against crazy. That’s what the TEFL educators have stressed and so does the urban dictionary.

Another usage can be –

Miley Gomes has got a cray friend and keeping stalking her activities the whole day.

  • Third, Salty – One of the commonly millennial English words that can be heard endlessly is salty. Even though you find it bitter but the meaning is you are annoyed on to something or having a very bitter feeling.

Check on the usage –

Ninja is still salty about not getting a hike.

  • Fourth, on fleek – what does that mean? Your TEFL career aids you to understand that expressions have their own definitive names, especially because you aim to teach English abroad, and we can actually say that using a verbal statement. This word ‘on fleek’ is used to describe the express the blinking of eyes for everywhere. It also means that the look was good.

Usage on the –

Priyanka Chopra’s saree was totally on fleek. 

  • Fifth, Squadgoals – You must have heard this word squad or squad goals in any of their individual or along with a Hashtag. A Squad is popularly used to address the friends or friend circle that is the group of friends you have.

Every time you come across an Instagram or Facebook social post, you can see a group of women pouting together, dressed & looked pretty or do anything which is awesome, you see the #squadgoals thing. The thing is amazing and you really need to copy and do the exact same thing making the goals work.

Say the usage would be –

I love to that the Visula and her friends perform in the remote village. #squadgoals

Sixth, Keeping it 100 – This is a favourite and often used when communicating through WhatsApp. The word is mostly used to express that you are telling the truth irrespective of it being hard or difficult. And to make it understandable you may use 100 emoticons using the pre-installed emos on the platform.

The usage would be somewhat like –

Noni was gossiping about you and I am just keeping it 100.

Well, all these are not practices in the classroom while addressing students, but they are noted in the TEFL classroom, just to make a fun-filled and casual but interesting class-setting. Also being an aspiring educator you need to relate to the trending terms. Add more on the list and comment on how many more millennial words are you aware of.

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