What NOT to Do on Your First Day TEFL Training

For each one of us, the first day at the job is quite daunting. Or you will have to deal with a whole lot of questions in your mind like –

From where do you need to begin? How’d you do that?

How do you prepare a lesson plan for your very first day?

Will the trainees listen to you attentively?

And many more…isn’t it?

Let’s see and try to understand the basic common elements or mistakes that you should NOT do on your very first day training of TEFL Course.

  1. Don’t Be Late

Don’t be on the back-foot from your very first day training of TEFL Course. Try to be punctual so that your learners can develop a sense of punctuality among themselves by understanding the value of discipline.

  1. Don’t Start Directly

Your trainees would like to know you hence introduce yourself simply before starting your training session. This will help you to build a friendly relationship and teaching-learning environment. You can start by your name and what you will be teaching them during the session. Some quick light warmers can be a great option as well.

(Warmers before the Session)

  1. Don’t Bore Your Learners

If you want an effective training session then don’t bore your learners by using lengthy and uninteresting presentations. Your learners may get bored by the stretched and extended presentations hence try to avoid that. Try to use interesting classroom activities.

(Classroom Activities)

  1. Don’t Lose Self-Control

You should prepare yourself as much as you can before entering your training room. Don’t panic; don’t get nervous as it will affect your whole training program. Arrive at your classroom before the time and set your training materials out ready. Stay calm and confident.

  1. Don’t Just Speak

Let your trainees ask you questions, give ample time to clear their doubts and queries. Try to answer their questions even if that is too personal. Handle them smartly and calmly, don’t get irritated and offended.

Some more Suggestions:

  • Enter your classroom with a proper well-structured lesson plan.
  • Try to find out different ideas and techniques to motivate your trainees.
  • Understand the culture in which you will be placed.
  • Spend a good time before going over your first lesson plan.
  • Research well. Talk to other TEFL Trainers.
  • Have Fun…Seriously!

(Classroom With Full of Fun)

Being a Trainer of TEFL course, the job is an extremely pleasing and interesting but above all, it can be very fun if you know how to. If you avoid the above five mentioned mistakes, your training will be less trouble free and interesting. If your students find your session interestingly informative, then they will be more open to learning. Start off well your TEFL Training with avoiding the above-mentioned errors and your students will be looking forward to your next class.

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