When is Teaching English Overseas a Good Idea For You?

We understand the fact that teaching English in a foreign country just makes sense, and becoming an English teacher abroad is a great way to live and earn in foreign location. Nevertheless, it’s also tough work and you have to do some soul-searching to find your trail. You need to ask yourself how you come to a decision whether teaching English overseas is a good idea for you. By teaching English abroad, you can live as well as travel in almost any country you’ve been dreaming of. However, depending on which country you prefer, your earning perspective can be quite a bit different. Teaching English in a foreign country is not the same as travelling abroad.

Well before you spend too much time in your research work; make sure it’s even a chance for you to teach English abroad. In other words, you need to meet the requirements for teaching English abroad at first.

Becoming an English teacher is a great way to live in a foreign country, but it’s also tough work. You have to do some thorough background research to find your trail. This write-up will aid you with some of the most significant considerations to make while deciding whether or not you should teach English abroad.

Now, let us see when teaching English in a foreign country is actually an extraordinary idea:

  • You’re just out of university and have no idea what you’d like to do next; you can always take some time and think about it. Moreover, you’ll build up new ways to observe and understand the world.
  • You’re just out of college and you know you want to do this.
  • You’re in your mid-career and you need a change of pace.

You’ll really need to gain knowledge of how to go with the flow while living overseas. Cultural differences are a huge factor when it comes to living overseas and Culture Shock is bona fide.

Why should you teach English overseas?

Teaching English in a foreign country has a number of benefits.

  • You will get the chance of making a difference in the lives of people around the world.
  • You will get paid to travel
  • You will get the chance of immersing yourself in a different civilization
  • Learn a new language
  • Achieve international work experience
  • You also gain valued skills like international work experience, cultural awareness, etc.
  • You get to teach people and help them become international citizens

Is teaching English overseas the correct shift for you?

How do you pick whether teaching English overseas is a good idea FOR YOU? This isn’t an easy step.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you meet the chucks for teaching English abroad?
  • Will you be happy living in a foreign country?
  • Do you love learning languages?
  • Do you feel thrilled or worried in new situations?
  • Have you lived away from home earlier?
  • Is it a good idea for you financially?
  • Will you be able to stay alone completely?

Teaching English abroad will change your life, it is an amazing, eye-opening and absolutely worthwhile experience. Living overseas will give you precious understanding of the world. Teaching English abroad gives you the money to travel, an income and a visa. This can be a lucrative career choice depending on where you go. Living overseas gives you the chance to really plunge yourself in a different language and culture.

Well, if you’ve got a bachelor’s degree and can speak English confidently than you’re a good candidate for the profession. Even you don’t have to take a major in English, education, or linguistics to meet the criteria for teaching English jobs in a foreign country. Literally, there are thousands of big jobs open for bachelor’s degree holders of all kinds, all around the globe. Moreover, you don’t even need to have any prior teaching experience (even though there are some incredible teaching English jobs for those who do have prior teaching experience and/or a degree in education).

What do you need to teach English in a foreign country?

Teaching English overseas isn’t just for teachers!

Although the precise job requirements may differ from one school to another, most of the employers look for some similar qualifications as well as skills while hiring English teachers from abroad.

  • Bachelor’s degree (any major)
  • English fluency
  • Any ESL certificate like a TEFL or TESOL with a minimum of 100 hours of study
  • Teaching experience
  • The age limit of 60 years

So, precisely saying, you can still teach English overseas without an ESL certification, BUT now most countries are working on narrowing their requirements for English teachers to improve the standard of English being taught. Just because you can speak English effortlessly doesn’t essentially mean you are acquainted with how to teach English as a foreign language! Finding a job of English teaching abroad without a TEFL or TESOL certification is not without its difficulties. You’ll almost certainly have better luck landing a TEFL or TESOL job!

But I am not a native-English speaker…

See, a lot of non-native English people are working as English teachers. If you can speak English adeptly and you have a bachelor’s degree along with a TEFL certificate on your resume, there are a lot of great-paying English jobs out there for you to apply for. Sometimes it may be more challenging for you to get hired as an ESL teacher abroad as you’ll have to contend with native English speakers. With a TEFL certificate, you can show employers that you have all those experiences what it takes to be a good English teacher.

how native speakers coped compared with non-native speaker

(Reference: https://bit.ly/2VdSX9T)

Culture Shock is real!

Just be acquainted with the fact that it’s common for people like you to experience this way at some point or another in a completely new country. After all, you are entering into a different country with an immensely different culture. The most important challenge is getting yourself back out there, and adjusting yourself out of a new and unsullied situation as soon as you can! Just be clear in your mind that you have a contact person at your school that you can call if you need it. Well, if you don’t like trying new things or being in new situations or maybe speaking a different language, getting accustomed to different cultural norms, or meeting different kinds of people, then living abroad perhaps isn’t for you.

In the end, be definite to read, revise, and re-read your contract and understand it. Teaching English abroad with a TEFL Diploma course online certification will also teach you to be more independent and self-sufficient. The world is so, so huge! The assortment of ends gives you a range of experiences. Choose a place that makes you pleased!

So, is teaching English in a foreign country a fine idea? Concluding answer – YES!

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