The Best Money Hacks To Help You As A TEFL Teacher

9th December 2022

As a TEFL teacher, you are living your dream life by teaching English in your desired destination and earning a good amount of salary at the same time. However, sometimes, you may face a money crunch situation. People can blame that exotic destination where they’re teaching, as the salary goes in, it vanishes within a few days for living their best life out there.

No need to worry, we got you covered. There are lots of money hacks for TEFL teachers with which you can save your earnings for your future and simultaneously live your life as you want.

Recently, according to Global Market Insights, Inc. global e-learning industry is expected to hit a remarkable valuation of USD 300 billion by 2025.

Global E-Learning Market Size, by Technology, 2019 to 2026

So why not take advantage of this e-learning era and make money by teaching English online? You can become a freelancer teacher or you can also apply to online ESL teaching companies which pay a good amount of salary on an hourly basis.

Handy Hacks To Help You Save Money

Now without wasting any seconds, let’s get dive into how you can save your earnings for your future or make extra quick bucks without breaking a sweat:

  1. Get rid of unnecessary stuff

    Well, the time has come to go overseas as a TEFL teacher. So, you really can’t take each and every stuff with you, right? It’s time to think about what unnecessary stuff you have in your home which you don’t require anymore, maybe that extra pair of shoes you don’t wear anymore or that music player which you don’t find time to play with because your phone is capable to fulfil that job. Sell that unnecessary stuff online or into your neighbourhood or to your friends who need those products.
  2. Consider teaching in Asian and Middle Eastern regions

    Every foreign destination, which has requirements for TEFL teachers, usually pay a very good amount of salary. However, if you’re planning to teach English in Europe and Sothern American Countries, then there you might get a good amount of pay check but at the end of the month, you will not be able to save much, to be able to cope with the cost of living.

    However, if you go to East Asian Countries or Middle East countries not only you will get a handsome salary but with that you will be able to save a lot. Because the cost of living compared to European countries is far less.

    Not only this, some of the countries of East Asia or gulf countries like Kuwait, Oman, China, and South Korea offers TEFL teacher a place for accommodation, and airfare as well.
  3. Adapt local lifestyle

    We have a natural instinct to get attracted to what we are familiar with, so when you’re going as a TEFL teacher in a foreign country, chances are you want to eat the food which you are familiar with.

    In addition, you will also go for buying groceries, for eating or for socializing to those places which seem friendly to you and you haven’t explored apart from this friendly location then you going to pay whatever amount they ask from you. If you don’t try anything new, you’re not learning or exploring that place.

    It’s better to start exploring those local supermarkets, and local street food stalls and try to adapt local lifestyle. You may start liking it and it will save you a hefty amount of money at the same time. Adapting the local lifestyle in your life to any foreign land is one of the best money hacks for TEFL teachers.
  4. Find other roommates

    It is highly likely, that other TEFL teachers are going through a money-crunch situation. What if you come up with the idea of sharing a room with them? Not only it will save you money for accommodation but it’s beneficial for other TEFL teachers as well.

    You can save money for food or any extra expenses which are required in that rented place. You can learn from each other experiences of what they are learning in that foreign place.
  5. Utilize your free time

    Being a TEFL teacher gives you lots of freedom, even after completing your teaching job you will have ample amount of time to do some other jobs. You can utilize that free time to earn more money by giving private tuition classes. There’s a huge demand in every country to learn English.

    No matter which country you have chosen to teach English as a second language. You can make money by teaching English by taking face-to-face classes or online mode, you will find plenty of people who wanted to learn English or want their children to get literate in the English language.

    By just doing our recommended TEFL Courses in Bangalore city, it can open so much of opportunities because with that knowledge, apart from a private tutor, you can also apply to online teaching companies which pay a good amount of salary on an hourly basis. Other than that, you can become a blogger by sharing your learning online, proofreading, or nowadays the hot profession, which attracts everyone, by becoming an internet personality by becoming an influencer.

Final Thoughts

Teaching abroad as a TEFL teacher is a dream that many want to achieve, but only a few get it. However, the challenge doesn’t end there, after going to the new destination it’s pretty difficult to have control over the spending, or at the end of every month, you even don’t understand where your money goes.

Don’t fret, with the help of our best money hacks for TEFL teachers, you will be able to manage your money, or even good you can start a side hustle with the help of it. Lastly, if you still didn’t become a TEFL-certified teacher then jump right into the journey by completing our TEFL Courses in Bangalore and start living your dream life by Make Money By Teaching English abroad.

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