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Teaching English Career, English Teaching Careers Abroad

Teaching English Career, English Teaching Careers Abroad Teaching career can be a very rewarding career option as it gives self satisfaction and also good pay. In addition, it is one of those careers, which are seldom affected by recession, or the slowdown of the economic market. A teacher becomes good at the job through training and experience. Teaching is a noble profession and expects the teaching fraternity is expected to be dedicated to the job which entails a lot of responsibility.

Teaching involves a lot of commitment on the part of the teacher. A teacher faces great challenges at every step; the main tasks of a teacher are as follows :

  • The task of nurturing the potential latent in every student - each child is unique and needs individual attention to realize its fullest potential
  • The task of planning lessons - for efficient learning among students the teacher needs to chalk out in advance lesson plans that are topic based with a lot of scope for student participation
  • The task of assessment - the teachers need to monitor the student's performance and regularly record the progress made by each student.
  • The task of effective communication with parents - to ensure that a child's development remains steady and unwavering, it is important to involve parents.
  • The task of classroom management and ensuring teacher student civility - it is important to maintain class discipline, but the teacher must never be over bearing in the name of imposing discipline. At all times civility must be maintained in teacher student relationship.

All these challenges and tasks can be easily faced and overcome by a trained, qualified teacher. It is important for teachers to receive training and to enter the classroom fully prepared to facilitate efficient learning in students. In the case of English teachers a TESOL or TEFL certificate helps to prepare oneself for the job. Teachers are required in every field of study and certain subjects have greater demand. Like for example, there is a high demand of English teachers in some countries of the world. The countries in Middle East, North Asia and South America hire huge numbers of English teachers each year in a very lucrative salary. To teach English in the foreign countries, the teachers have to have English as their mother tongue or have near native English skills. Along with high proficiency in English, the teachers.

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