Indian Teachers Abroad

Indian Teachers Abroad

Teaching English Jobs in Abroad for Indian

Indians have a historical affinity for English. It is not simply because of a colonial past. English is the language that the educated, multilingual Indians prefer to use when interacting with fellow Indians hailing from another part of the vast country. English is the official language for education, law and commerce. It also happens to be the language patronized by the elite of India. The demands of English teachers are very high and new graduates with a good flair of English language can try their hands at ESL teaching. After doing the TESOL course, the teachers can get experience by opting for an internship in India. This valid ESL experience will increase the chance of the students to get hired as ESL teachers in various countries.

Most Indians equate the English language with better education and higher intellect. Indians who know English often blend it with Indian languages in their conversations. Among the educated Indians, it is quite common to break into fluent English while in conversation with a colleague or a friend or even a stranger. A major percentage of the educated Indians can understand and follow the basics of English and there is a strong desire among most Indian parents to provide that "English edge" to their children. It's a common adage in India that -"if you know your math and English, your job prospects are simply brilliant."

In the field of higher education, English reigns as the premier language. Careers in business and commerce, government positions of high rank and science and technology, which attract some of the brightest minds, continue to entail fluency in English. It is also necessary for the many students who contemplate studying overseas to be good at English. Thus, most Indians are exposed to the English language from early life. They pick it up rather well. Some even have near native proficiency in English. Indians also make good English teachers.

Indians can be good English teachers since they empathize with the hurdles of learning English as a second language and also are adept at overcoming the obstacles in the path of mastering English. They are sensitive to the learner's needs and are ever ready to help learners in overcoming those seemingly impossible obstacles. Indians tend to be patient and diligent by nature and have the makings of a good teacher.

Indians have a good career as teachers overseas. However, mostly experienced teachers have a better chance of getting a job. In India, English is taught from school level and most highly educated people have native like proficiency in English. The ever rising demand for English teachers in various countries of the world has led many Indians to select a career in this field. The most important criterion for teaching English abroad is an accredited TEFL certificate.

The Indian English teachers have good job opportunities in countries in the Middle East, China, Thailand and some European countries. In the Middle East, the teachers are paid very high remuneration and are given many other facilities. Many Indian teachers are holding top positions in many institutes located outside the country today. As the value of Indian currency is low than most of the countries, the teachers can save enough and send back home a huge amount. Apart from earning huge amounts of money the Indian English teachers working in various locations will also be able to see and travel in foreign countries.

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