About ACT

About Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

Asian College of Teachers is a leading and outstanding training organization in Asia that is intensely focused to train aspiring teachers to match up with the global parameter of education. ACT has made a prominent presence in the field of teacher education due to the quality teachers it produces and the number of awards won due to the excellence.

TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language or TESOL that stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages is the flagship product of Asian College of Teachers. The TEFL courses are internationally accredited programs which offer detailed guideline for the aspiring EFL/ESL teachers to get prepared for the global classrooms and learn about the EFL teaching methods, approaches and understand the job responsibility. EFL/ESL teaching requires skills and ACT courses help the aspiring teachers to acquire the skills to perform better. The courses are equally beneficial for the working teachers as they can upgrade their skills and grow as an EFL/ESL teacher in future.

Our Mission

Asian College of Teachers aims to educate and empower outstanding global educators, education managers and educational entrepreneurs who can develop the competences and employ their skills in the field of pre-primary education, TEFL, special education and education management. The assorted teacher training courses are designed to accord the modern educators with attributes which will lend them unique teaching and management expertise to build a thriving learning environment.

ACT trains its students beyond conventional teaching

Asian College of Teachers has developed the TEFL/ TESOL programs with years of research and insight into the latest TEFL methodologies. ACT provides TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) courses for not only professional ESL teachers but anyone planning an international career in teaching English. ACT trains its students to move beyond conventional teaching, acquainting them with the latest in EFL/ESL teaching while the aspiring teachers find amazing career opportunities by pursuing any of the TEFL in-class, online or distance courses.

TEFL programs of ACT are tailor-made

Asian College of Teachers believes in providing individual attention to every trainee imparting training in modern teaching methods that will help them to shape a teaching career in future in any part of the globe easily. The academic board of ACT designs the curriculum with utmost integrity and insights so the aspiring teachers can fully utilize the knowledge in future. The TEFL programs of ACT are tailor-made and there are many TEFL/TESOL programs available to select from. The aspiring or working teacher can go for any of the courses to begin with or shape a better global teaching career depending on what one wants to achieve in life.

Pick from varied TEFL programs

The Asian College of Teachers' in-class programs come with international certifications and comprise of all the significant teaching methodologies and detailed insights into the different modes of approach which help them to generate interest among the students and keep them engaged. It is one of the prime responsibilities of the EFL teachers to make the lessons interesting and learning fun and effective. The online and distance TEFL/TESOL courses of Asian College of Teachers are equally effective for the EFL/ESL teaching aspirants willing to get TEFL certified from different corners of the globe. Comprehensive study materials and complete tutor guidance will be available in both online and distance modes giving the trainees an opportunity to learn at their own time and pace.

Get ready for a multi-cultural opportunity

TEFL offers an exceptional multi-cultural opportunity for those who are passionate about both travelling as well as teaching. TEFL course at ACT is designed in a way to make learning fun and interesting because it is all about learning the English language and its teaching methods using fun-based techniques. The Special Projects set in Thailand present the unique opportunity of combining pleasure with profession as the TEFL certification course is succeeded by guaranteed short-term job placement with a globally recognized certificate on successful completion of the course in exotic oriental locations.

ACT International Operations

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Asian College of Teachers (ACT) undertakes a continuous review of its teacher training courses to ensure imparting high quality education. However, there might be circumstances outside of ACT’s control which might affect its stakeholders like if you are planning to teach in a different country, applying for a teaching license, pursuing higher studies or trying to get the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of a particular country then you can do so with the certificate issued by Asian College of Teachers (ACT). However, each country’s Ministry of Education (MoE) or educational bodies set certain standards that are indispensable for the pursuit of higher studies or teaching in schools in that country. So it can be a possibility that you may be able to use the certificate for higher studies or teaching purposes in one country and not in another. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you investigate thoroughly and check with the relevant authorities regarding the acceptance of the certificate issued by us before you enrol on a particular course. ACT strives to offer high-quality education and its certificates can be valuable for various purposes internationally, but still it is crucial for individuals to verify the specific recognition of the certificate in the country they intend to use it, especially for formal education or professional licensing purposes. This approach ensures that the stakeholders make informed decisions regarding their educational and career paths.

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