Teacher Workshop

Teacher Workshop

About Asian College of Teachers

We are an international teacher training institute registered in UK, with our Asian headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand, Academic office in Singapore and Indian regional offshoots in Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. In the past decade, Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has emerged as one of the leading teachers training institutions in Asia being the recipient of multiple awards like Asia Pacific Achievers' Award in 2016 and Indian Education Award in 2017. We provide world class teacher training programs resulting in holistic development of the teachers who are equipped with contemporary teaching techniques and show deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms :-

  • It's not what to teach but about how to teach
  • It's subject knowledge vs efficiency
  • To bring about overall development

About ACT Workshop

As a part of our CSR activity we are conducting teachers up gradation workshops in different cities all across the world. Since teaching methods are evolving constantly, this workshop will help teachers to hone their teaching skills which are at par with the global standards of teaching. In fact, if you want any of your teachers to attend an orientation program on the same, they can surely attend a demo class here at our college campus. With this vision in mind we are conducting educational workshops in schools across the nations. These are non profit educational initiatives dedicated at improving teaching and learning education.

Why do you need Workshops?

Workshops are absolutely necessary in the changing socio-economic-political scenario as these have a direct impact on the education sector. Students are changing and so is the psychology of the parents. Teachers must know the best techniques like how efficiently and effectively they can handle - classroom, crisis management, resource or material management, lesson planning, curriculum development, use of technology in classroom etc.

Features of our Workshops

Herein our trainers won't give instructions. It's quite unlike educational seminars. Your teachers will be involved in various activities and through those they can identify their skills and brush up on those skills and can also update themselves. All these are fun filled sessions.

Generally, it starts with a warm welcome from our trainers involving warmers and icebreakers. And then they go ahead with various activities and lecture sessions involving the participants who could be both the parents and teachers. It is aimed towards complete physical and creative development and helps them to learn a lot of things which were new to them and they thoroughly enjoy it. For further knowledge sharing, as per your requirements, we can conduct series of workshops after entering into a formal partnership agreement. Hence we connect with schools and educational institutes to create a better learning environment. Schools too have to come forward as this initiative can be successful only when we walk together taking steps ahead.

Our Academic Team

We have a highly accomplished academic team. There is a fine mix of trainers - some are highly qualified with years of experience and some are young who bring in newness and fresh energy to the team. We constantly upgrade them in sync with the global standard of teaching techniques. This team will represent ACT in the workshop and eventually will upgrade your teachers in handling children with utmost care and proper attention techniques.


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