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Why should you join an ONLINE PROGRAM with Asian College of Teachers?

  • Start the course with a Live Online Induction with your trainer to set the pace

  • Avail One on One Expert Tutor Support Session for your academic queries

  • Attend an engaging Webinar on 21st Century Teaching Skills by our expert trainers

  • Live PGet job ready with a Live Placement / Interview grooming session with our senior placement officer

  • Finish the course at your own flexible pace from anywhere

Asian College of Teachers brings internationally recognized and accredited premium 120 hours TEFL/TESOL course with accreditation from TESOL Canada & TESOL USA and endorsement from Training Qualifications UK (England)embedded with Cambridge TKT Exam.

In class TEFL / TESOL Certificate Course

In class TEFL / TESOL Certificate Course

  • In Class 120 hrs (3 weeks) Full time
  • Accredited & Internationally Recognized
  • TEFL Course

In Class 120 hrs (3 weeks) Full time Accredited & Internationally Recognized TEFL Course in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Cochin, Goa, Pune, Kolkata and Bangkok

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img Specialized Online Diploma in TEFL / TESOL

Specialized Online Diploma in TEFL / TESOL

  • Online 220 hours
  • Accredited & Internationally Recognized
  • TEFL Course

220 hrs Online Accredited & Internationally Recognized TEFL Diploma Course with specialization and Certification from UK & Canada

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img Online TEFL / TESOL Certificate and PG Courses

Online TEFL / TESOL Certificate and PG Courses

  • Assorted Online Courses
  • Accredited & Internationally Recognized
  • TEFL Course

Join our Online TEFL Video based self paced courses from Certificate level to Post Graduate Diploma level accredited and certified by leading International Educational bodies

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img International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers

International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers

  • Online 360 hrs International Diploma
  • Accredited & Internationally Recognized
  • TEFL Course

This is an intensive learning program which covers the latest approaches in TEFL, Train the Trainer and Education Management training which is acceptable in any part of the world.

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img Short & Specialized TEFL Courses

Short & Specialized TEFL Courses

  • Varied Concise Courses
  • Accredited & Internationally Recognized
  • TEFL Course

Short and Specialized Courses - Business English Teachers Training, Young Learners Teachers Training, Teaching Grammar, Teaching Phonetics and Classroom Management focusing on specific areas of teaching

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img Bachelors & Masters Degree in TEFL

Bachelors & Masters Degree in TEFL

  • Online Bachelors and Masters in TEFL
  • Accredited & Internationally Recognized
  • TEFL Course

BA in TEFL & MA in TEFL are extensive courses providing comprehensive training in TEFL where the trainees can gain extensive knowledge and acquire specialized skills along with a globally recognized International University degree from USA.

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21st century education demands that the learning experience of each student must be relevant to the career s/he chooses. Today’s educators have to master varied strategies and effective pedagogies that need to be based on a thorough understanding of how students learn. Teachers need to slowly shed their traditional roles and develop facilitation skills to guide students who can apply their knowledge to solve a problem. To equip today’s educators better, Asian College of Teachers is hosting a series of webinars on relevant topics all through November.

Join us to teach and touch lives!

Teach and Travel with TEFL Certificate

Asian College of Teachers with its various partners in India has introduced a unique opportunity for foreigners who want to do the TEFL course in India and get a volunteer teaching opportunity. The volunteer teaching job gives a chance to take part in philanthropic activity and explore this colourful nation. After three-weeks of intense TEFL/TESOL course, the teachers take up these volunteering projects in various corners of India.

Most Indians equate English language with better education and higher intellect. Indians who know English often blend it with Indian languages in their conversations. Among the educated Indians it is quite common to break into fluent English while in conversation with a colleague or a friend or even a stranger. A major percentage of the educated Indians can understand and follow the basics of English and there is a strong desire among most Indian parents to provide that "English edge" to their children. It's a common adage in India that -"if you know your math and English, your job prospects are simply brilliant."

Asian College of Teachers offers a variety of teacher training courses which enable its students to get teaching jobs in India and therefore, a golden opportunity to learn, teach and travel in India. Teaching English in India is a very popular profession with not only natives but also people from all across the world because India is one of the most exotic nations in the world and is a major tourist attraction. English is one of the popular languages in India due to its long colonial heritage and is taught as second language in almost all the schools. The demands of foreign teachers with good English skills who are willing to teach as volunteer teachers are high in India. After the completion of the volunteer period, one can easily get jobs teaching English in India, which come with satisfactory remuneration and a huge scope to learn about the diverse history, cultures and traditions that exist in India.

Asian College of Teachers' Premium 3 weeks Internationally Accredited TEFL Course is designed for aspiring teachers to acquire requisite knowledge and practical skills for teaching EFL/ESL to all age groups. The in-class TEFL course has an in-depth content starting from the basics of the English language teaching like grammar and phonetics to foreign language awareness, classroom management and lesson planning. Moreover, ACT's dedicated tutors are there to observe the approach of each trainee and implement new ways to bring out the best in each of them. The course is an intensive learning experience and instils a sense of confidence among the trainees through Teaching Practice sessions in local schools so that they can face any global classroom with confidence.

The trainees after successful completion of the TEFL courses from ACT receive a globally recognized certificate from Asian College of Teachers. ACT TEFL students can apply for TQUK Certification from England an officially recognized Awarding Organization that is recognized and regulated by Ofqual, the British Government body responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards in the United Kingdom. ACT TEFL students can seat for TESOL Canada Board exam and qualify for TESOL Canada TESOL Certification through Ministry of External Affair, Canada. All our TEFL Students will seat for Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test and will be eligible for Cambridge Teaching Certification. ACT's academic relationship with Fort Hays State University in USA, a 100+ years old popular University allows all our students to earn credit from our TEFL course and pursue their MA in TESOL with FHSU.ACT also introduces Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) program in collaboration with Microsoft. It is a professional development program that aims to bridge the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching among the 21st century teaching fraternity. The certificate issued by Asian College of Teachers has the valuable accreditation, membership, collaboration and endorsements by national and international bodies of repute.

Asian College of Teachers' 120 hours premium TEFL course is one of the best introductions to a TESOL program acquainting the trainees with the methodologies and the practices that can prepare a teacher to face any EFL/ESL class confidently across the globe like learning a foreign language, teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening, contextualizing grammar, using games, theaters, song and chants, preparing interactive materials, classroom management skills, preparing lesson plans rounding off with two peer teaching observations and Teaching Practice sessions. Apart from the in-class sessions, the trainees get hands on practice in schools where they get the exposure to real time classroom teaching with students whose native tongue is not English. The trainees are also given observed feedback on their teaching sessions by experienced trainers.

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India plan(s) to impart IT training to 6 crore persons

India plan(s) to impart IT training to 6 crore persons

India plan(s) to impart IT training to 6 crore persons

India plan(s) to impart IT training to 6 crore persons

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Asian College of Teachers offers a 3 week intensive tailor-made in class TEFL/TESOL course for those aspiring TEFLers who are planning to travel and teach English abroad.

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