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TEFL Course in Jaipur

The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a fast growing destination for education, with schools of international repute offering quality education to diverse students here. English ranks as an international language of global communication, thus making it a must for students around the globe to have a complete grasp on the language. Teachers who aim to empower students pursue a TEFL Course in Jaipur from ACT to advance their global careers.
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TEFL Course in Guwahati

Diploma in TEFL course designed by Asian College of Teachers endeavours to make the trainees competent in teaching methodologies and classroom techniques and provides a deeper insight into ESL teaching. It is a 220 hour online course that includes an in-depth understanding of the latest ESL/EFL teaching approaches used in diverse classrooms comprising of 21st Century learners.
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TEFL Course in Coimbatore

Despite being a prominent industrial city, Coimbatore remains to be one of the most sought after locations in India to pursue a promising career in TEFL due to its diverse and unique culture. The TEFL Coimbatore Program offered by ACT is recognised by various reputed international bodies. These TEFL programs are designed to qualify you for a English teaching career by acquainting you with the latest methodologies of teaching worldwide.
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TEFL Course in Lucknow

If you are looking for a rewarding and happy TEFL experience, you should choose Lucknow as your destination to teach English. The 2nd happiest city of India, the economic development of Lucknow matched by its cultural richness makes it an ideal destination to pursue TEFL in Lucknow. As the demand for English teachers is very high in India, ACT provides comprehensive training for TEFL teachers, who move ahead with vast career opportunities.
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TEFL Course in Secunderabad

The twin city of Hyderabad, Secunderabad, aims to provide an ideal environment to foster innovative teaching techniques by trained ESL teachers for students. To provide a hands-on experience to teachers who aim to teach ESL in Secunderabad, ACT includes practice teaching in their TEFL programs for enhanced training. The TEFL certifications embedded with Cambridge TKT is ideal for teachers training from ACT to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate.
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TEFL Course in Shimla

Apart from being one of the top tourist attractions of India, Shimla is known for providing quality education to all. With a huge number of international schools of repute, Shimla offers the best of global standards for English teaching to the diverse students studying here. A much desired location for TEFL jobs in Shimla, teachers trained from ACT can opt for the wide range of opportunities in this beautiful place.
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TEFL Course in Bhubaneswar

With an ever-changing transformation in education to achieve significant improvement, Bhubaneswar possesses top-notch institutions providing quality learning. With the rise in the demand for English teachers who are equipped to teach English as a second language, opportunities are galore as you teach ESL in Bhubaneswar. With the ESL training from ACT you have the advantage of enhancing the skills of being an efficient teacher to teach students around the world.
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TEFL Course in Indore

Indore, one of the Tier 2 cities in India, has a number of educational institutes which are amongst the best in the country. With the rise of English as a global language, the demand of TEFL teachers are on an ever growing rise. TEFL in Indore can be pursued by teachers from ACT, either through online or in-class modes, which imparts the best of teaching techniques and methodologies.
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TEFL Course in Noida

Noida has surpassed the developments in other NCR cities like Gurgaon & Faridabad. The TESOL teaching method fosters an environment for the overall development and success of students in Noida. TEFL in Noida trains teachers to lay emphasis on developing the students’ proficiency in English equipping them for global communication.
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TEFL Course in Siliguri

Close to the mountain ranges of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri, Siliguri has news for the teaching professionals and aspiring youths – opting for the TEFL classes Definitely, this is amazing news for those who are trying to make into the international arena of teaching by enhancing the English language teaching techniques.
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TEFL Course in Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is reminiscent of the Mughal influence and the planned development of a modern Indian city. In addition to the educational development, TEFL/TESOL Bhopal gives a huge boost to your career for teaching and grooming learners in the acquisition of English. With an alumni base of more than 30,000+ students with connection in over 600 schools both in India as well as abroad, Asian College of Teachers have proved that their TEFL programs are a league apart from others.
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TEFL Course in Nagpur

Nagpur was named as the Zero Mile city during the British era for its even distance to all major commercial hubs in the country. The third-largest city of the Indian state of Maharashtra and the 13th largest Indian city in terms of population, Nagpur has witnessed exponential growth in sectors across industry and education. TEFL in Nagpur from Asian College of Teachers gives the required qualifications that guarantee a high standard of global training and offer best opportunities to the learners.
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