TEFL/TESOL in Lucknow – India’s 2nd happiest city

Lucknow - a preferable city for TEFL training & job opportunities

A city that is deeply embedded in its cultural and educational heritage, Lucknow, has grown to become one of the most progressive destinations to pursue TEFL courses in Lucknow.

The city of Lucknow, also known as India’s second happiest city, is a preferable option for teachers to train and pursue their careers, which offers a very good blend of comforts of a small city and the advantages of a big city.

The importance of TEFL Certification

The Education system in Lucknow is well established which can be availed by aspiring and practicing teachers through the online and in-class mode. The TEFL training trains in teaching modes that meets global standards, preparing the teachers for global classrooms.

Choosing Online TEFL courses in Lucknow

Aspiring and practicing teachers can enrol in the online TEFL courses in Lucknow which provides them the flexibility to train in the course in a city that offers a relaxed lifestyle which allows people to work in their own pace.

Trainees develop practical classroom teaching skills through the online mode while gaining expertise in a variety of exclusive specializations like English Language Teaching, Classroom Management, Education Management and Early Childhood Care.

The option of In-class TEFL training programs

The in-class mode of training imparts an in-depth and thorough understanding of TEFL methods, foreign language awareness, classroom management and lesson planning. This hands-on, real time training enables teachers to learn the techniques of teaching English through real life lessons.
Our Testimonial

Asian College of Teachers offers a 3 week intensive tailor-made in class TEFL/TESOL course for those aspiring TEFLers who are planning to travel and teach English abroad.

Regular In-Class TESOL

Delhi, India

My experience had been really wonderful. Trainer and the coordinator, both, went all out to support the students. My confidence level has grown tremendously.

Regular In-Class TESOL

Mumbai, India

Learnt many new and innovative methods of teaching

Anjali Madhulal
Regular In-Class TESOL


Enriching and extremely beneficial

Ruchira Ramkrishna
Regular In-Class TESOL

Delhi, India

I was keen on increasing my knowledge on teaching and at every point I felt I have learnt new things.

Regular In-Class TESOL

Kolkata, India

Excellent and enjoyable program with fun in leàrñing

Bhubaneswar Gorai
Regular in-class TESOL

Mumbai, India

It was excellent experience and every penny for this course is worth.

Zenil Haroon Mohammed
Reviews of TEFL / TESOL Course

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