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TEFL and Vietnam: TEFL is in high demand across the world especially in the non-native speaking countries. It stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it is rising demand is resulting in the rising vacancy for TEFL trainers and teachers. Many TEFL graduates look for teaching jobs in Vietnam which they already had in mind due to high salaries and low cost of living. Vietnam descends from the border of China into the heart of Southeast Asia similar to a prehistoric mythological dragon. The country represents a noticeable combination of Chinese Confucianism and Cambodian Buddhist cultures, blended with a taste of the French-colonial charm. It stretches across thousands of miles of coastline which intermingles with the rural mountainous highlands with a group of colourful and lively cities.

Requirements: To Teach ESL in Vietnam you will require a degree and a minimum of Professional TEFL certificate of minimum 120 hours. Along with that, they prefer native speakers with a bachelor's degree, but non-native speakers with relevant certification along with experience can land up with good jobs. A Bachelor's degree along with a TEFL certificate is necessary to get your Visa. A criminal background check and health check from an approved hospital is also required. A TEFL certificate is not mandatory, but it may help you in landing with the perfect job. Recruitment goes on year round and teachers are employed on the basis of their skills and experience. TEFL jobs in Vietnam can be found in private language schools for adults as well as children. To land highest paying jobs, you will need a CELTA degree or higher.

Job types: Vietnam is packed with language schools which are in constant need for certified teachers for EFL/ESL teaching. Finding work in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is quite easy. Most teachers work for private schools that are increasingly rising in number. Most classes are held in English and other than that specialised classes are also common which includes TOEFL and Business English classes. Most full time teaching jobs in Vietnam will request a teacher to work 15-25 classroom hours on a per week basis while many other language schools hire part time teachers. The class normally continues for 45-50 minutes, and you may find yourself teaching 5 classes per day for 5 days per week. For full time jobs, it is not uncommon to teach for 30-40 hours per week.

The quality of the schools keeps varying; but a primary feature of schools here is that no problems are recorded as such in receiving the agreed payment. Other than this, you can do private tutoring side by side as the number of potential students is abundant and can be easily found. Many teachers will find that a majority of their students are the children of a person who lives outside their native country or those living in the city temporarily. People belonging to different nationalities residing in Vietnam for work purposes; want their children to learn English. So finding students for tuition purposes is never a problem.

Vietnamese people are socially conservative which makes it quite crucial to have a smart and neat appearance during the interviews. Business dresses should always be kept handy for it may be required for teaching in schools. Most of the job interviews for TEFL jobs in Vietnam are conducted face to face; a few of them are done in advance over the phone or via email. Teaching contracts generally lasts for 12 months, to teach business professionals, adults as well as children.

Salary and costs: Teaching jobs in Vietnam are abundant in cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. An average teacher here earns somewhat around 800 USD to 1000 USD per month, but with some experience, he/she can make around 1200 USD to 1800 USD depending on the school and your qualifications. Due to the low cost of living, teachers can expect to save 35-50% of their income.

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