Teach English Abroad

Becoming a global English Trainer

It may be due to the effects of globalisation or the consequences of the colonial period, the demands for English communicative skills have been soaring and make for a crucial criterion while looking for a job or securing one. In recent times, USA and Western European countries is boosting the trend of outsourcing of job forward, and consequently the demand for learning English Language is on the rise. From most basic knowledge to fluency in spoken English, the current situation is seeing the emergence of English Language Training (ELT) as a feasible career opportunity for those with a flair for the language.

Role of a language trainer

English language teaching involves a wide-ranging job that covers a variety of scope. The trainers normally deal with individuals' ability to construct grammatically correct sentences, the lack of vocabulary, dreading to speak in a group and unproductive presentation skills. Efficient communication skills along with writing skills are necessary for a range of day-to-day based works. It is the duty of the trainer to teach effective communication techniques along with a combination of verbal and non verbal skills and voice modulation. The role of a trainer comes to effect in such a situation as quality jobs and work depend a lot on what knowledge one acquires in the relevant field as well as good communication skills.

Group discussion, Interview and Oral presentation skills are a good way to test an individual's communicative skills, personality and oratory skills normally before recruitment or a job entry into any institute. The trainers also provide training in accent neutralization, tonal quality, differences in American and British English, voice modulation and pitch and tone training to those working in the BPO sector where a large number of workforce is being employed.

Excellent career opportunities with TEFL

TEFL, an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is a fast growing sector in providing EFL/ESL training to non-native speakers. As English has become an important medium of communication globally, TEFL provides an excellent career scope for EFL/ESL trainers as the demand for trainers is also soaring simultaneously. TEFL trainers can enjoy an international career along with lucrative pay packages. The demand is higher in countries like Thailand, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Taiwan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Brazil, Colombia, Peru etc. Anyone having a penchant for English, teaching and travelling, can easily opt for a TEFL course and become an EFL/ESL trainer which has a promising career prospect.

TEFL Employment

The gradual rise of English as an international medium for communication has created diverse opportunities across the globe to work as a TEFL trainer. Scopes in TEFL employment proves the capabilities to get used to a new location and to live and work with people belonging to a diverse background. In varied society of the 21st century, proven abilities to tackle newer challenges and adapting to new environment is considered precious. Similar thing is presumed from one's ability to live and work abroad in sync with the people from varied cultures, backgrounds and languages.

English Teaching Jobs

English Teaching Jobs are aplenty around the world and the need for trained and certified teachers is growing with each and every passing day. Most schools offer good pay packages and lodging facilities. TEFL not only provides one with a scope to travel the world, but also moulds them into someone who is more than ever ready to adapt to any given situation or place. It will only widen their knowledge and broaden horizons.

TEFL Job opportunities by country

English language is in a growing spree and is becoming closest to an international language. Both students and professionals looking for jobs overseas realize the importance of the language. Teaching and travelling sure is among top draws of being an EFL/ESL trainer, but one needs to have a flair for teaching English as well to outshine others and have an edge over them. Many countries around the world provide excellent TEFL job opportunities to work as an EFL/ESL trainer.


Asia is a promising continent when it comes to hiring TEFL trainers. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan etc. There are numerous EFL/ESL teaching openings in public schools, international schools, language institutes etc.

Middle East

The Middle East is a more diverse region including the UAE and other Persian Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain are some of the highest paying countries in the world when it comes to TEFL. It should be taken into consideration that the job markets in the Middle East are smaller and more competitive than those in Latin America, Asia and Europe.


Despite of the slow-moving economy, Europe remains to be one of the major countries in providing employment to potential trainers in the field of ESFL/EFL teaching. Example: Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary.

Latin America

One of the fastest growing economies in the world and also one of the leading employers in EFL/ESL teaching and training. With low cost of living compared to Europe places like Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile etc. provide excellent opportunities for aspiring TEFLers.

International TEFL Teacher Training

In order to become an efficient ESL/EFL teacher, a TEFL certification gives it a whole new definition. It refers to teaching English in a non-native locations where English is not the native language. International TEFL Teacher Training is gradually catching the attention of all those who not only want to teach and travel but also the mid-career changers looking for new opportunities. TEFL courses are gaining popularity for providing job prospects to aspiring teachers across the world and being an English teacher abroad along with a TEFL certification proves to be of real advantage as it becomes easy to try and find work with reputed institutions abroad. Those who have years of teaching experience and a TEFL certification, can easily find a teaching job abroad and can look forward to a whole new life.

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