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Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

To put it simply, Asian College of Teachers does not indulge in sharing, selling, giving, or tradingany of your personal information with anyone. ACT protects the rights of individuals and takes care of all information provided byyou. Your contact information (phone number, email id and address) will only be used to contact you to discuss your expressed interest in our courses, for tutor support during an ongoing course and for placement opportunities after the completion of a course.

Security Practices

We, at Asian College of Teachers, arenot only working towardsproviding you with quality teacher training courses, but also protecting your online information according to our own security standards and practices. Theprivacy of our customers who use www.teflindia.comis respected and of concern to us because protecting your privacy is vital to us and you can be assured that it discloses the following:

  • The way we gather your personal information
  • The kind of information we gather
  • Who the information will be shared with (if anyone)

Other information about your privacy

You can choose to provide additional information during registration which will help us assist you better for several reasons. It includes:

  • Personal identification
  • Complete program registration
  • Permission to contact you for customer service, if necessary
  • Customize the content of our site to meet your specific needs
  • Make product improvements to our portal.

Moreover, an email address is collected to convey the confirmation of your reservation once youronline transaction is done. Being a member of the ACT family, you will receive occasional updates regarding new products, special offers, or new services from If you would like to opt out of email communication, you may choose to decline anytime. Providing us with information as program preferences, credit card billing information, delivery address, and other personal information make it easy for us to assist you in quick sign ups without much hassle.

Forms & online surveys

Asian College of Teachers intends to use the information provided by you through online surveys or forms to understand your needs in a better way so that we may provide you quality products or services and work towards improving the functionality and usefulness of our website as well.

Using Email

It is entirely up to you to decide whether you will send information over the internet or not, as it may pass through various networks with varying types of security. This may result in an email being copied, altered or destroyed due to security holes. We may also preserve your email to efficiently respond to any of your future questions. However, we will respect your request not to be contacted by email.

Internet Cookies

We may use session cookies to remember the information you provide. The cookies are not intended to track your computer after you leave our site.


As mentioned earlier, it is completely your decision whether you will send information over the internet or not. We do not intend to disclose the personal information like name, email, phone, fax etc. without your consent. Our plan is to maintain your valuable information towards the betterment of our services.

Privacy Statement Updates

Our privacy statement is liable to change anytime to gather and use information in a safe way with an aim to serve you better. We strongly recommend you to check this page for new updates.

IP Address

We collect your IP address in order to diagnose any problems with our servers and for system administration.Be informed that this Privacy Statement does not cover the information practices or policies of such websites.

Who we share information with

Upon enrolling in any of the courses or simply reserve a spot through us, we may provide your information to the airline, car rental agency, hotel, travel agency or third party involved in the process to ensure a hassle-free travel arrangement for you. Please be informed that Asian College of Teachers neither indulge in selling customer information/details to anyone, nor has the intention to do so in the future.

Your rights

As the rightful owner of your personal data, you have the rights to decide against the processing of your data for marketing purposes. It is our duty to inform you (before collecting your data) to use your data for such purposes or any purpose involving third parties. You can exercise this right by carefully checking certain boxes while filling forms from where we collect your data or by contacting us at Please note that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for any links shown in our site from the websites of our partner networks, advertisers and affiliates.

Photography (Use of Photography) and testimonials

We, Asian College of Teachers, reserves the right to use photographs, motion pictures and electronic images of students and visitors, age 18 and older, taken on ACT property and at ACT sponsored events, for marketing and promotional purposes. Objection to the use of an individual's photograph may be made in writing to


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Legal Entity

Asian College of Teachers is the registered Trading and Brand name of TTA Training Pvt., Ltd, India, Asia Teachers Training Co., Ltd, Thailand, Asian College Of Teachers Ltd, United Kingdom and Asian College of Teachers LLC, USA. ACT is not a formal degree granting College and it's Certificates, Diplomas are issued solely by them in accreditation and endorsement with several Education bodies and accreditation organisations Globally. The name College is used in the "Branding" because it's an educational institution and establishment as per the Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the company, in particular one providing higher education or specialised professional or vocational training.

Any Question

Any questions regarding our privacy statement, practice or your experience with this website, please feel free to contact us anytime at

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