Teaching without Experience

Teaching without Experience

Am I eligible to teach ESL/EFL abroad without Teaching Experience?

The answer is YES - almost every year, thousands of graduate teachers are being employed in schools and colleges across the globe to teach English or other subjects in English. Experience is, of course, valued by the employers employing ESL/EFL teachers, but it is not a mandate for teaching in the native or non-native English speaking countries, as is possessing a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

It has been found in a study that more than 1 billion of the world population takes English learning lessons in some form or the other, which makes the demand for English teachers quite high; not just in the various schools, but also in language training institutes, corporate organisations, or even in summer camps - a popular practice in American and European schools that is fast catching up in Asian countries, too. For most employers, experience is not a mandate;however, it is best for a fresher to apply for jobs in places with a high demand for trained ESL/EFL teachers. Hence, countries in Asia and South America, the requirements for an EFL teacher arepreferably a graduation degree, fluent English speaking skill and a TEFL qualification.

How can I teach the learners in English?

Teachers with a minimum of 120 hour TEFL certificate are acquainted with the nuances of latest ESL/EFL teaching techniques and methodologies like lesson planning, communication skills, grammar, classroom management skills, et al whereby they gain the competency to teach English or other subjects in English to the learners of various countries, backgrounds or age.

Nowadays, the TEFL training institutes are providing the TEFL courses both in online as well as in in-class mode of learning. The in-class TEFL course is usually for 120 hours that covers a span of 3 weeks or more. It acquaints the aspirants with practical teaching skills and knowledge; along with attending Teaching Practice sessions in nearby schools.

What about my placement?

After course completion, the candidates become eligible to apply to teach English both for Private as well as Government teaching jobs abroad and also in their native country. Also, the certified institutes provide 100% placement assistance to their candidates, helping them in their search for a job of their preference and suitability. They also try and help the candidates with their visas and other formalities, if required for teaching abroad.

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