Survival Guide for India

Survival Guide for India

Is India Safe to Travel

The travelers coming to India must have some basic idea about the survival strategies in this country. Here comes a survival guide for India which covers a few tips on the required immunization measures after consulting the physician 4-5 weeks before the trip to India, clothing, food and water safety. This guide will help you to have a healthy living in India.


The travelers coming to India must take up some immunization measures seriously. Some of the recommended vaccinations for travelers in India are :

  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Yellow Fever for travelers coming from infected area like Africa
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies
  • Japanese Encephalitis for travelers to rural areas
  • Polio
  • Tetanus - diphtheria
  • Measles, mumps, Rubella


One must pack some conservative clothes. Men can wear longer shorts and pants and women can pack some skirts below the knee length and casual slacks. It is better not to pack tank tops, short skirts and revealing low cut shirts. Pack some comfortable rubber soled sandals and shoes. The canvas and nylon material will absorb the dirt. Try to wear dark colored clothes. If you are planning for a rainy season trip, then, do not forget to take an umbrella with you. Cotton and linen are the apt summer special clothes in India. For the winter months you can manage with sweaters and fleece jackets. Sunglasses are a must during the scorching summer months in India.


The westerners should keep in mind few tips on food safety -

  • Cook food thoroughly
  • Wash the dishes with warm water and cleaning agents if you are washing them with your hands
  • Don't come in contact with contaminated food
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  • Keep the hot food hot
  • Refrigerate the food
  • Wash the cutting board with soap and hot water after each use within 2 hours
  • Sanitize the kitchen with sponges
  • Always wash your hands with soap before and after the handling of food
  • Avoid street food


Here come few tips on drinking water safety in India -

  • Avail the bottled mineral water which you will get in all the road side shops in India
  • Do not forget to check the manufacturing and expiry date of the bottled mineral water
  • Order for bottled water in a restaurant and make sure that it is not served in a glass.
  • Do not buy water in plastic bags
  • Do not drink tap water which is usually used for bathing and laundry purposes
  • There is no scarcity of drinking water in India and the water is also clean but that can be harmful for the westerners who drink purified water
  • It is better to install an aqua guard or water filter in your accommodation if you are staying for long time.
  • If none of the options are available, drink boiled water.

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