Why Teach in India

Why Teach in India

English Teaching Jobs India and ESL Jobs India

In India, there are ample job options for English teachers. Indians always had a penchant for English and now English is the ticket to a successful career. Whoever wants to improve career prospects, feels the importance of being conversant in English. Parents want to provide their children with English education not because it is a status language but because it will provide them a head start in life. Consequently the need for qualified English teachers is clearly on the rise. Teachers are needed not only in the schools or universities but are also employed as trainers in corporate offices and language schools.

The upsurge of the Indian economy owes a great deal to the advancement made by India in the arena of information and technology. With the splendid progress made in the IT sector, greater competence in English language is expected from the IT and corporate employees. Thanks to internet services anyone can be accessed from any corner of the globe within seconds. The language that acts as the communication bridge is English. And no country that wants to be isolated from the global economic scene. India is a fast evolving economy and truly appreciates the importance of English language in the world of education, business, and commerce. Naturally the prospect of ESL jobs is booming in India. Teachers of English are in great demand in the country.

With the recent boom in the BPO industry, there is a high demand of voice and accent trainers in this country. Many companies also hire TESOL certified English teachers for teaching their employees soft skills. The reason behind India's flourishing BPO industry is that India, is one of the few densely populated countries where the population can easily pick up the language as they are familiar with English owing to their colonial past. India has become a major outsourcing giant as she can provide cheap skilled English speaking employees needed to support such a service industry. This has further increased the demand for English.

The positive points for teaching in India are

  • India is a beautiful country with a variety of landscapes and culture. It takes a long time to explore this exotic land. So if the teachers work here as teachers they will have plenty of time in their hands to see this beautiful country and also at the same time earn enough to support themselves here.
  • In India, the ESL teachers will be given 30 to 35 thousand rupees per month along with accommodation
  • The above-mentioned amount is enough to survive in India comfortably. They can also go for holidays on the weekends after saving from the salary.
  • While teaching in India, the teachers will be able to understand and come close to the culture of this country.
  • Moreover, a few years of ESL job experience in India can help you get a better paying job in the Middle East or Northern Asia.

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