TEFL/TESOL Jobs in Malaysia

Teaching EFL jobs in Malaysia

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TEFL and Malaysia: TEFL is in great demand around the world as English is being considered an international medium for communication. Asia, among all others, is a great market for EFL/ESL teaching. Malaysia is a sought after TEFL destination in Asia and due to its wide diversity in the population, there are ample TEFL jobs in Malaysia. The place is an interesting mix of culture and language. People of varied ethnicity live and celebrate festivals together. Malaysia is one of the richest and most developed countries in South East Asia that continues to grow with time. It has incredible infrastructure, lots of attractions and is a regional centre for Asian business. With this in mind, English is very important and the demand for well qualified and experienced English teachers is increasing.

Job requirements: Teaching English in Malaysia requires an internationally recognised TEFL, TESOL or CELTA degree and teaching certificate (experience) as well. It is advisable for fresher teachers to gain at least some experience before applying for teaching jobs in Malaysia. The job market here is highly competitive in nature; you can grab a better opportunity with a P G degree, Master's degree or a DELTA certification. Fresh graduates may struggle for some time in landing a job, but perseverance is the key to success.

Visa requirements: A work permit is necessary to work in Malaysia and this happens upon reaching the country. The work visa is sponsored by the employer, i.e. the school that you will be working for will do it on your behalf. But it is to be noted that the working permit is only limited to the school that applies for it, thus changing jobs is not easy. You will require submitting various documents for the smooth processing of the permit.

Job locations: Malaysia is in high demand for certified EFL/ESL teachers in all of the major cities, especially Kuala Lumpur, which is home to various language and international schools. Its towering skyscrapers will provide a spectacular backdrop for your experience in teaching English abroad, and Kuala Lumpur's centrality to Malaysia's economy and society means that opportunities will always be abound. So, most of the teaching jobs in Malaysia are located in and around the capital city. There are other major cities where teachers are hired for English teaching, these includes Johor Bahru and Malacca. The fact is that as you gradually move outwards from Kuala Lumpur, opportunities and salaries decline. Nevertheless, job prospects are always available to work as an English educator and are prized across the country.

Salary and cost of living: Earning a handsome package is possible if you are in Malaysia. Once you land with a teaching job, you can earn anywhere between 700 USD- 2800 USD per month, depending on your qualifications, experience and the school that you are working with. Start-ups may get somewhere between 900 USD- 1800 USD per month. Generally, international schools pay a good amount, but they demand better qualifications and more experience compared to other schools. Schools often provide paid holidays, medical insurance and allowance for accommodation. The cost of living is quite cheap in Malaysia and you can lead a comfortable life around 1000 USD per month. Transportation, grocery and eating out constitute less than what it can be in other countries.

The cost of living in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, is comparatively high compared to adjoining towns and cities; you will find that it is still lower than in the US. One major benefit of teaching English in Malaysia is that many schools offer free or subsidized accommodation. You may have to share an apartment with one or two fellow teachers if the accommodation is free. After completing a probationary period, several schools also offer a housing allowance for those who prefer to stay alone.


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