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With over 70% of Japan's expat population being English teachers, ESL/EFL teachers aspiring to teach in this eastern Asian country, will find a number of teaching opportunities in the various educational institutes in the country. Japan also known as "the land of the rising sun", has a great market for TEFL jobs. If there is one thing that the Japanese lack, that is English communication skills. Apart from the opportunities, there are also other contributing factors that are responsible for the immense popularity of Japan as an ESL/EFL teaching destination. With a rising economy and being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan attracts the best from all around the world.

Teaching in Japan

The minimum criteria for foreign teachers in Japan are a Bachelor's degree with an internationally acclaimed teacher training certificate like TEFL/TESOL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English to the Speakers of other Languages). It is also not true that only native English speakers are employed as English teachers; a fluency in English with a neutral accent is the requirement for getting employed and hence even non-native English speakers who are fluent in English, including Indian TEFL graduates in Japan will find enough opportunities in the various organisations located across the country.An Asian continent, finding English Language teaching jobs in Japan for a non-native English speaker is considered to be comparatively easier than finding jobs in the European nations.As TEFL educators get employed in Japan, there are a host of other benefits too that these educators are entitled to from their employers. They include accommodation reimbursement, visa assistance, stipend for taking extra classes, flight reimbursements and even offering Japanese language sessions.

Japan - A place for every TEFL educator

There are enough opportunities to teach in ESL in Japan. TEFL teachers from all around the world therefore are travelling to Japan to start their ESL/EFL teaching career. With a large number of schools and universities located in the different cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka or even the business organisations and Multi-national companies located in their capital city of Tokyo. If you want to have a busy fast paced life then you must choose a city like Tokyo which seems to be always on the go, 24X7. A fast paced vibrant life with a happening night life, extending till the early sunrise, Tokyo is the perfect TEFL destination for those enthusiastic TEFLers who are looking to make use of every minute of their life. However for those with a laid back approach towards life, must look for teaching positions in cities like Yokohama, with beautiful waterfronts.

Japan is well connected with road and railway system, with the metro being the most popular and favoured mode of transport. The cost of living and travelling is not really cheap, hence being smart in these regards is the best option, if you are looking to save for your future. Work visa in Japan is usually "Instructor" for those employed in public schools and those working in language schools may usually do away with the "Humanities" visa.

Working in Japan as an ESL/EFL teacher is not really demanding and hectic; schools are open on weekdays - from Monday to Friday, with plenty of national holidays. In the schools, classroom sizes vary between 35 to 40 students per class with teachers expected to work around 8 hours per day. Teachers in Japan are usually recruited through the Japanese government initiative JET program as Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) in the various Japan educational institutes. Those of who do not take part in JET, get teaching jobs in the private language centres and at the same time provide private English Language tuitions to students, at 40 USD approximately per hour.

Employment and Salary in Japan

The best time to get hired in the educational organisations is between October to January and between April and June as typically new sessions start from April to August. All ESL/EFL teachers are signed and employed on yearly contractual basis where jobs can be taken on either fulltime basis or part time basis. TEFL trained teachers get a good pay package, ranging from $2000 - $2500 USD per month, while Business Trainers with experience in their field of professions may expect to earn anything between $1,700 - 5,000 USD per month, where the average cost of living is $800 - $1000 USD per month depending on your lifestyle and area of accommodation.

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