Teach and Travel in India

Teach and Travel in India

TEFL India Course with Teaching Internship

Asian College of Teachers with its various partners in India has introduced a unique opportunity for foreigners who want to do the TEFL course in India and get a volunteer teaching opportunity. The volunteer teaching job gives a chance to take part in philanthropic activity and explore this colorful nation. After three-weeks of intense TESOL teacher training courses, the teachers take up these volunteering projects in various corners of India. Asian College of Teachers brings this incredible offer for just 1300 USD.

Most Indians equate the English language with better education and higher intellect. Indians who know English often blend it with Indian languages in their conversations. Among the educated Indians, it is quite common to break into fluent English while in conversation with a colleague or a friend or even a stranger.

A major percentage of the educated Indians can understand and follow the basics of English and there is a strong desire among most Indian parents to provide that "English edge" to their children. It's a common adage in India that - "if you know your math and English, your job prospects are simply brilliant."

What do we offer?

Asian College of Teachers offers a variety of teacher training courses which enable its students to get teaching jobs in India and therefore, a golden opportunity to learn, teach and travel in India. A special mention must be made of the ACT TEFL teacher training course in India for after it's' completion, the certified teachers are given an opportunity of volunteer internship and also a chance to travel to various tourist destinations in India.

The intense TESOL teacher training course is of three weeks, where all the basics of teaching English as a second language is integrated. English teaching jobs in India gives a chance to acquire and practice the teaching skills and gives the teachers valid experience, which can be used in future.

Indians have a good career as teachers overseas. However, mostly experienced teachers have a better chance of getting a job. In India, English is taught from school level and most highly educated people have native like proficiency in English. The ever rising demand for English teachers in various countries of the world has led many Indians to select a career in this field. The most important criterion for teaching English abroad is an accredited TEFL certificate.

Teaching English in India is a very popular profession with not only natives but also people from all across the world because India is one of the most exotic nations in the world and is a major tourist attraction. English is one of the popular languages in India due to its long colonial heritage and is taught as a second language in almost all the schools.

The demands of foreign teachers with good English skills who are willing to teach as volunteer teachers are high in India. After the completion of the volunteer period, one can easily get jobs teaching English in India, which come with satisfactory remuneration and a huge scope to learn of the diverse history, cultures and traditions that exist in India.

TEFL course in India

Asian College of Teachers offers in-class teachers training courses in different locations in India. Kolkata,Delhi, Kochi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa are the chosen locations of ACT where the TEFL course is conducted multiple times in a year. The TESOL course is of 120 hours, which continues for three weeks. The certificate is awarded to the successful students at the end of the course.

Components of our premium TEFL Program in India

Asian College of Teachers' 120 hours premium TEFL course is one of the best introductions to a TESOL program acquainting the trainees with the methodologies and the practices that can prepare a teacher to face any EFL/ESL class confidently across the globe like learning a foreign language, teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening, contextualizing grammar, using games, theaters, song and chants, preparing interactive materials, classroom management skills, preparing lesson plans rounding off with two peer teaching observations and five Teaching Practice sessions.

Apart from the in-class sessions, the trainees get hands-on practice in schools where they get the exposure to real time classroom teaching with students whose native tongue is not English. The trainees are also given observed feedback on their teaching sessions by experienced trainers.

Benefits of Combo Package offered after TEFL course in India

  • TEFL courses by Asian College of Teachers can be attended by teachers from various European countries, USA, Canada, Australia and Latin American Countries. It is a special offer for those teachers who are eager to explore India and immerse into its exotic culture.
  • ACT also gives a chance to give something back to the impoverished societies by giving the teachers a chance to be part of the volunteer internship program.
  • The candidates who choose to be a part of this program will be given accommodation and various other facilities free of cost.
  • Asian College of Teachers provides the teachers with amazing travel packages in various tourist destinations of India.
  • At the end of the course, the teachers will have to go for three months of volunteer internship.
  • The volunteer internship is given in various parts of India.
  • During the volunteer internship, the teachers will be provided with the accommodation free of cost and one meal per day.
  • The teachers on the holidays and weekends can make short trips in the nearby tourist destinations
  • This short term volunteer service provides them with the much needed teaching experience and at the same time gives an opportunity to closely mingle with the Indian culture.
  • Asian College of Teachers can also arrange tours for the foreign teachers if they want them to.
  • The ESL teaching experience during the course will help teachers in gaining experience, travel around India and be a part of this exotic culture.

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