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Partner Us

Partner with Asian College of Teachers in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is one of the prominent names in the field of international teacher training. The TEFL Certificate provided by Asian College of Teachers is globally acclaimed and accepted across a whole gamut of institutions and organizations. The TEFL programs offered by Asian College of Teachers are designed after thorough research, coupled with incisive focus and applicability in the field of ESL teaching. TEFL is the flagship product that forms the core of Asian College of Teachers' enticing array of teacher training courses, each specially crafted, considering varied target sectors and their diverse requirements. The courses chosen from ACT are strongly based on sound learning, pronounced concepts and productive skills.

ACT - Leader in the field of teacher training

Asian College of Teachers is an internationally recognized teacher training organization with educational quality control mechanisms that ensure ACT trained EFL/ESL teachers are of the highest standard. Asian College of Teachers has been a leader in the field of teacher training and has been preparing students to teach English overseas since 2009. TESOL, the acronym for teaching English to speakers of other languages is the premier product and an internationally accredited teachers training program which enjoys a sweeping popularity across the world. Its fundamentals and focus help in preparing ESL teachers with a special edge. TESOL inculcates within its learners the special techniques of teaching the basic language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing. TESOL provides a thorough teaching orientation, covering all the possible areas of classroom teaching and student handling.

ACT is looking for Business Partners in Chennai and Hyderabad

ACT is a brand name of Asian College Of Teachers Ltd, UK and its registration number in UK is 9939942. It is also a brand of Asia Teachers Training Co., Limited, Thailand with an academic office in Singapore and has a strong presence in India. ACT's in-class Premium TEFL programs are already being conducted in different Indian cities like Kolkata, Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Goa. As a part of expansion program in India, Asian College of Teachers is appointing Business Partners in Chennai and Hyderabad. Partnership with ACT provides you an access to solid base of expertise and experience. ACT appreciates that your needs and limitations are exclusive. Therefore, our partner system provides flexibility that provides room for those unique goals, aspirations and motivations.

Suitable partners are those organizations or institutions who are already into Education & Training Industry with acumen to drive the business further.

In order to be partners with ACT, you need to own:

  • One big classroom with 300 to 400 sq. ft which can house up to 15 students
  • Air conditioning in all rooms
  • Green Board, TV and DVD player
  • Good connection with local schools

Please email act - for further information.

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Asian College Of Teachers is trading brand of Asia Teachers Training Co., Ltd (Thailand) & Asian College Of Teachers Ltd (UK).