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Asia, being a non-English speaking nation and at the same time committed towards providing quality education, has a considerable demand for English teachers. Thailand, also known as "the land of thousand smiles" is one of those places in Asia with sufficient job opportunities for trained English teachers. Since Thailand prefers trained EFL/ESl teachers hence, aspirants especially Indian teachers must get TEFL certified in spite of the fact that English is used as the language for all kinds of official communication and therefore, having a TEFL/TESOL certificate will be of great benefit for finding a good job, of course, along with possessing a neutral accent. Asians get jobs not only as English language teachers, but also predominantly for other subjects like Mathematics, Science and Social Studies as well.

Both online and in-class TEFL certificates are equally valued in Thailand. For qualifying for teaching jobs in Thailand, interviews are taken over Skype, although some institutes prefer to have face-to-face interview for their candidates. Average teaching hours per week is between 20 and 30 hours, from Monday to Friday, with sufficient paid holidays. Like in most countries, TEFL jobs here in Thailand are contractual, typically for duration of 1 year or so Students include school students, private students and also business professionals.

Cost of living generally varies between 17,500 and 30,000 THB. Places in Thailand like Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and others have enough positions available than the number of teachers to fill them. To work in the recognised public schools in Thailand, you need to hold a degree along with an international training certificate like TEFL/TESOL. However in language centres or private coaching centres, a degree is not a mandate for TEFL trained teachers, where the teachers get paid on an hourly basis.

Thailand, where elders and wise people are held high in respect and reverence, teachers also may expect to receive the same respect and admiration from the students, if not more. Salary for TEFL teachers in Thailand is quite competitive, that is higher compared to local teachers. With some amount of experience and a TEFL certificate, you can expect to earn a handsome salary and at the same time be able to save some for your future. It is certainly one to envy; the average monthly payment being from 30,000 to 40,000 THB. In Thailand, institutes employing TEFL teachers along with providing a good salary, also provide other benefits like accommodation, medical benefits, travel tickets to his/her native country,

However obtaining a visa and work permit is not the easiest part of your experience in Thailand; the institute you are working for may help you with it, although it requires you to show consistent dedication towards your work and the position you are working in.

Since the expense of living, which includes food, clothing and transportation costs are quite low in the cities in Thailand; hence a TEFL teacher will be able to save enough. For teachers working in Thailand, life will just be unravelling new stuffs and encountering new experiences. With naturally beautiful landscapes, beaches and hilly areas, Thailands natural beauty will never cease to mesmerise your soul! Teach ESL in Thailand, and witness your life take off with a bang!

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