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Teach ESL India

ESL Teaching jobs Opportunity in India

English is emerging as an essential component of the Indian linguistic medley. It is no longer a language of the colonial past. It is not just in the educational and official network of India that English rules but it has a dominant presence all through the land and has gained acceptance more as an official rather than an assistant language. Officially English is used extensively in education, law, government, media, science, and technology. All government correspondence is carried out primarily in Hindi as well as in English. Students pursuing higher education in the field of science or technology need to be fluent in English. Communicative English as a subject has been made almost compulsory at the degree level in the universities. Great effort is being employed to upgrade the Indian students' level of fluency in English from school to university level. India is fast growing to be a prospective job market for the TEFL certified teachers. There are plenty of English teaching jobs or ESL jobs in India, in schools, colleges and language schools. However, to avail of these jobs, one must go through a certified English teacher training course like the TESOL program.

The TESOL program In India opens up an opportunity for getting job offers from language institutes, BPOs and also schools and other educational institutes. For fresh graduates, ESL can be whole new career path. ESL is not restricted to foreign destinations but is also widely prevalent in India and therefore, TESOL teachers can get plenty of opportunities in India. The TESOL program is suitable not only for aspirants but also experienced teachers interested in brushing up their skills and professional looking for a career change and taking up ESL jobs in India.

Indian economy soared thanks to India's breakthrough in the field of information and technology. The nation's commendable progress in the IT sector also meant greater demand for proficiency in English language. Due to satellite communication facility anyone can be accessed from any corner of the globe in the blink of an eye. And no country that wants to be a part of the global progress and advancement remain isolated. The language that acts as the communication bridge is English. India is a major player in the global economic scene and understands the importance of knowing and communicating in English language. ESL jobs prospects is naturally thriving here. Teachers of English are in great demand in the country. The ESL teachers are needed not just in the academic sphere but in the sphere of business and commerce as well.

The corporate offices in India who are involved in the BPO business hires voice and accent trainers. English trainers are also employed by offices to groom their employees to certain language skills, which is required while dealing with international clients.


ESL jobs in India do not come with as high remuneration as is provided in some of the other Asian countries especially in the schools or colleges. However, the corporate offices or the BPO will give higher salary package. The TEFL certified teachers in India could take up both short term and long-term job offers. There are also plenty of volunteer teaching jobs in India. You will derive a sense of satisfaction after teaching the kids from very humble background.

The remunerations usually the ESL teachers get in India are not very high. However, the living standards and the cost of the living in this country are not very high either. If the schools or institution gives accommodation, the teachers can live comfortably in 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month. There is huge respect for teachers in India and while working in the schools you will get the same. The best thing about working as ESL teachers in India however that is you will be able to travel around this country during the school holidays and experience the cultures of this exotic land. This country has developed significantly over the years and the teachers will find all the western products in the major cities of India.

Asian College of Teachers gives you an incredible chance of short-term English teaching jobs in India. The remuneration given to the English teachers by the schools are Rs.10, 000 rupees per month along with free accommodation

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