Teach ESL Abroad

Teach ESL Abroad

Teach English Abroad, English Teaching Jobs in Abroad

Teaching English abroad can be a very interesting and unique career option. Taking up English teaching jobs abroad will not only provide the teachers some great career exposure but at the same time a great opportunity to travel to new exotic destinations. There are many opportunities for English teachers in all non English-speaking countries over the world. Teachers with accredited TESOL certification and high proficiency in English can have the greatest career in the ESL job market. A TESOL certificate will groom the teachers for teaching English as second language or foreign language to the overseas students.

Indian English teachers with good command over English language can often get ESL or English teaching jobs abroad. Teachers with few years of teaching experience in India can more easily get an ESL job offer outside. There are multiple job portals, where the teachers are able to get information about various jobs from across the world.

English teaching jobs abroad are often very lucrative. In some of the countries, the English teachers can earn a significant amount of money if they are TESOL or TEFL certified and have valid experience. The maximum amounts of ESL jobs in the world are concentrated in Northern Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, South American and Europe. People in all the mentioned regions are not proficient in English and as this language has developed over the years as the lingua franca, the demand of English teachers has also risen sharply.

People interested to teach English abroad would face many options. In order to teach English abroad in schools, universities, language schools or corporate offices one would do well to go through a TEFL Certification course. The students can be school going kids or adults working in various offices. Numerous voice and accent trainers and soft skill trainers are hired by various companies to train their employees. Corporate trainers who are TESOL certified are appointed to teach English to the employees so that they are able to deal with the English-speaking clients better. The TEFL Certification course and the TESOL program are both excellent choices for those looking to teach English abroad because these teacher training courses are recognized and accredited globally.

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