A Cumulative Guide On How To Teach English In Poland

19th January 2024

Poland is one of the fastest growing English job markets for teaching English in Europe after the Cold War. English teachers are always in demand and typically find their way into the job market at the beginning of September or October and then again in January. If you are looking to teach here in Poland there are several opportunities available for both experienced and novice teachers who have just completed their TEFL courses. If you also want to find your foot in this magnificent country, here is a guide that will clear all your doubts.

Requirements For Teaching English In Poland

The requirements for teaching English in Poland are similar to all other countries in the global ESL market.

You will need:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from any reputed university
  • At least a 120 hours TEFL certification from an internationally accredited organization
  • Native or near-native level English fluency
  • 1-2 years of teaching experience for public schools and international companies
  • A valid work visa if you are not an EU citizen
  • Start up ca[ital of at least $750-$1000 to cover first month expenses

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Types Of English Teaching Jobs In Poland

Poland offers a wide range of English job options, from teaching in public institutions to providing private instruction.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the prerequisites, the following are some of the most typical employment categories in Poland for English teachers:

  • Private Language Schools

These are private schools with a focus on teaching English and other foreign languages. In Poland, there is a large demand for private language schools, many of which provide full- or part-time teaching opportunities. The typical pay scale ranges from $750–$1,500.

  • Public Schools

In Poland, there are opportunities to teach English at public schools managed by the government or by foreign institutions. English instructors often make between $630 and $1,250.

  • Corporate Language Training

There are options for English teachers to give language instruction as part of a language school or as independent contractors. Several Polish firms provide language training to their staff members. The typical pay is between $1,250 and $2,000, per annum.

  • Online Teaching

English professors now have the chance to instruct pupils in Poland and other countries online thanks to the growth of online education. In Poland, the typical hourly wage for teaching English online is between $5 and $13.

Best Places To Teach English In Poland

It's vital to conduct a study before traveling to Poland, just like you would when beginning a new career in any nation.

Begin by investigating these important Polish teaching cities:

  • Krakow

Krakow, a city in southern Poland, is renowned for its exquisite architecture. A UNESCO World Heritage site has been established for the city's Old Town area. Being the second-biggest city, Krakow offers plenty of options for English teaching jobs.

  • Warsaw

Poland's capital, Warsaw, is a fantastic place to find English teaching positions. You may embrace the history and culture while taking advantage of contemporary conveniences and a burgeoning cultural scene in this eclectic blend of old and new. Notable is the fact that, despite being a landlocked city, you can enjoy a beach within it!

  • Lodz

Art enthusiasts will adore centrally situated Lodz, which is known as Poland's street art center. You may expect to experience a bohemian atmosphere while living and teaching in Poland because of the country's transformed industries into artist spaces and trendy cafés. Because it's the third-biggest city, you may expect to find employment as well as an international community.

What Is It Like To Teach In Poland?

Because the customs and classroom culture of the nation you are teaching ESL in might differ greatly from your own, it is imperative that you as an ESL teacher take the time to learn about it. As you become used to a new classroom setting, you should be kind and understanding towards your students. If you have completed your TEFL Courses and are all ready to teach in Poland, it can give you some of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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