Practical Tips Which You Should Practice To Ensure Your Safety In a Foreign Country

30th January 2024

Most of the individuals who prefer to become a TEFL teacher have the same desire to teach abroad and explore different cities and their cultures simultaneously. However, every aspiring or experienced teacher has concerns related to safety while working and staying in a completely unfamiliar environment.

According to globalrescue.com survey, we can see what kind of threats travellers are worried about and it also shows that 56% of the participants who’s age is above 40+ feel 30% more concerned about their safety than those whose age is below 40.

Travel safety
Source: globalrescue.com

No matter where you want to build your TEFL teaching career, there’s no guarantee of your 100% safety. However, you can learn to make smart decisions and by becoming aware of the surroundings can go a long way to ensure your safety to a certain extent.

In this blog post, we will be sharing some effective tips to ensure safety while travelling to your favourite destination to teach English.

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So, without any further delay, let's get started.

1. Do Your Own Research

Before packing your bag and embarking on your teaching journey to your favourite destination, you must do your own thorough research about the destination where you are planning to teach.

You must do research related to possible health and safety risks which may your destination may have. You can consider using an expatriate forum or any social media forum, which will give you valuable insights from the foreigners who are already living in your preferred destination.

2. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

One of the fundamental life skills that can help you to ensure your safety in your preferred destination is staying aware and being vigilant all the time. No matter where you are, whether you’re teaching in class, walking in the streets, or travelling by any transportation you must practice of being aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts.

Additionally, you must avoid any distractions, which may divert your attention and put you at risk.

3. Learn from Local Residents

While you are staying and working in your preferred destination it is suggested you can take advantage of the past experience and knowledge from the local people and expatriate teachers to gain better insights about the destination where you are choosing to teach. By doing this you will get to know about the potential risks, nearby neighbourhood and you can know some practical tips on how to thrive in day-to-day life.

Additionally, you can even ask for advice related to public transportation fares, food prices, and other aspects of daily life.

4. Take Care of Your Finances

From our childhood days, we have learned from our elders that we shouldn’t keep our money in a single place. Well, this can prove to be one of the life-saving tips for you while you’re travelling abroad. Instead of keeping all of your money and cards in a single wallet or purse, you can keep a separate credit card with you and always keep a record of your bank details with you to contact your bank immediately in case of any mishaps.

Additionally, you must keep extra scanned digital copies of your passport and other documents in your phone and keep a backup on cloud storage as well.


5. Keep Your Modest Look While Travelling

While you’re travelling other than going to work, refrain from flaunting expensive belongings like- jewellery, expensive digital gadgets, or any other valuables. You should also practice not to dress too flashy clothes and try to keep modest looks to draw any unnecessary attention, which can prevent you from becoming a target of theft or robbery.

6. Beware of Friendly Strangers

When you are going to travel to a new place, it’s quite natural to encounter people who are friendly. However, if they are being too friendly and taking too much interest in your personal life and work schedule then it’s better to keep a distance from them. Try to refrain from discussing any personal or work-related sensitive information with any strangers and never trust any strangers with your personal belongings.

7. Register with Your Embassy

In any country, certain political situations might crop up from out of nowhere. You must keep yourself aware of the political scenarios around you. You must avoid participating in any political demonstrations and rallies, which could evoke violence. While you arrive at your destination, make sure you register yourself with your country’s embassy or consulate. This will ensure that while there’s any crisis happened they can communicate with you and provide the necessary support.

8. Travel in Groups

When you arrive in a new country, we would suggest you travel in groups if you are going anywhere. This will enhance your safety and help you explore unfamiliar surroundings with confidence. You can consider travelling with your other expatriate foreign teacher who’s staying already over there.

9. Get a Health and Travel Insurance

In a foreign country, one of the worst situations that anyone can face is if they are going through any health-related issue or emergency and they don’t have any health insurance with them. While, many countries institute offer health insurance while teaching English, which ensures that, you have health coverage.

Additionally, we also suggest you have travel insurance, which will protect you from any situation of loss and theft of your belongings.

Your Safety Is In Your Own hands

Travelling to any foreign country can be a nerve-wracking, daunting, and exciting experience at the same time. If you are also having anxiety and looking for effective ways to ensure your safety when you want to embark on your TEFL teaching journey, then you are in luck. In this blog post, we have shared various simple yet effective tips to follow that will help you to ensure your safety.

So, start pursuing courses like MA in Education with TESOL, pack your bags, and navigate your life safely with the help of the above-mentioned tips in your chosen destination.

We wish you to have a safe travel!

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