Looking For Mid-Career Change? Here's Why TEFL Is Perfect For You!

8th March 2024

Are you tired of your same old mundane routine work and lack inspiration?

You most likely already know in your heart that this job is not working for you and you might be looking for a way to put things into order. Whatever, be your reason the decision to change your career can be life-changing. However, if you're thinking about changing careers and becoming a TESOL instructor, here is how a Bachelor of Education in TESOL can have a fruitful impact.

What Are The Signs That It Might Be Time For You To Change Your Career?

There are tell-tale signs that make you think about switching careers. To begin with, do you hate Mondays? Are weekends ever too short? Do you feel real worry as Sunday afternoon turns into the evening? Perhaps it's time to weigh your alternatives.

Or, your career isn't moving forward. It's okay to reach your limits in your chosen profession or career. We've all heard and understood the term ‘dead-end job.’ It doesn't mean you have to be trapped forever if it pertains to you. Therefore, your dissatisfaction may stem from a lack of advancement. Perhaps you've been putting in a lot of effort for a promotion that never materializes, there are no chances for professional growth, or there is just nowhere else to go. It takes place!

If simple tasks seem like a lot of work, your passion for your work may have faded. Your ability to work at your best may be hampered by boredom with your surroundings if you spend your days in the same common area, shop floor, or office. All of these indicate that a change is warranted.

So, what now? How to achieve career progression and change your life? TEFL is the answer to all your questions, and here’s why!

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Reasons Why A Career Change As TEFL Teacher Can Change Your Life

If you are considering TEFL as an option, here are 5 reasons why you should choose TEFL as a mid-career change option:

  1. Make A Difference

    You will have the chance to truly and permanently impact your students' lives as an ESL instructor. Teaching English will enable your students to acquire useful language skills that will lead to a plethora of new prospects for their education, careers, and social interactions.

    One of the most fulfilling jobs available is teaching. Being able to watch your students grow and acquire self-assurance in their English language skills is a wonderful feeling that you won't get from any other employment.

  2. Cultural Immersion

    Immersion in a foreign culture is another fantastic benefit of working as an ESL instructor. Working overseas may be a distinctive and rewarding experience, which is why many ESL instructors opt to do so.

    You will get the possibility to meet individuals from all over the world and gain insight into their experiences and viewpoints, in addition to living in a new nation and becoming familiar with its culture and customs.

  3. Professional Development

    Professional development possibilities might also arise from teaching ESL. As an ESL teacher, you will have the chance to hone a specific set of abilities and information necessary for teaching English as a second language, including communication confidence.

    This can create new avenues for job progress and help you become a more successful and effective leader.

  4. Flexibility

    Since there is a constant need for online ESL teachers, there will be no shortage of teaching possibilities available to you. With just a laptop and an internet connection, you may be able to make an online TEFL career change and determine your schedule of classes as well as the time and location of your instruction.

    This is perfect for those who need to fit their job around other responsibilities in their lives, including family or school, or who would want a flexible work schedule. For whatever reason, work from home and enjoy the ease of being able to teach online while traveling abroad, all while saving money on your commute.

  5. Various Job Opportunities

    Teachers teaching English as a second language might operate in a range of environments. You have three options for teaching: online, one-on-one tutoring, and classroom instruction. Since the area of TESOL is so expansive, you can teach a wide range of subjects related to English language programs.

    Study tours, general English classes, IELTS, and many more can be examples of these. All while collaborating with a diverse group of students from all origins and cultures, ranging from young infants to adults.

Make The Change And Switch To TEFL Now

If you feel you are stagnant in a profession you detest, it doesn’t have to be that way. Pursuing a course like Bachelor of Education in TESOL opens doors to the global community, and getting started is a lot simpler than you may have imagined. It's possible that you believe switching occupations is in some way reckless or self-centered. You may start an exciting new profession and access a world of options with the correct training and credentials.

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