Top 5 Resourceful Websites For ESL Lesson Planning

23rd September 2021

One of the priorities of teachers is to design lessons that are aligned with school guidelines that are also innovative. Lesson plans are the key to sustain the quality of the learning experience; it also is a vital source to engross students to get acquainted with their curriculum.

If you have just completed your Diploma in TEFL and want to feel prepared, you must arm yourself to provide effective learning in this competitive market. We understand planning a lesson from scratch is not an easy task; there are many things to consider before planning your lessons, most importantly, you need to design lessons that are a good fit for your learners.

So, we have assorted few websites with exceptional and reliable resources to help you with your teaching journey!

1. PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media is a web-based platform and has a collection of learning resources with interactive lessons in science, math, English language, social studies, health, etc. A suitable and resourceful website for those ESL teachers who are teaching non-natives other than language English. With PBS Learning Media, teachers can find contents that are ready-made along with supportive materials and thus makes this platform a user-friendly website with easy searchable options for subjects, grade levels, learning standards, and more.

2. National Geographic

Classroom resources in National Geographic encompass free lesson plans, maps, and reference resources. Their resource library is filled with content for K-12 learners in multiple subjects. Though their contents are a bit different, but there is a large selection of listening and reading topics for all kinds of students – beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. They also offer a wide range of grammar exercises and word lists supportive of lesson activities. Plus, they have free teacher training webinars which can be of great help for teachers to add to their kitty.

3. Read Write Think

Read Write Think focuses on critical thinking, English language art & learning. Teachers with TEFL/TESOL certification can definitely make use of this free resourceful platform for instructional design, it is also a great source for ESL educators to access quality lessons in reading and writing. This provides an opportunity to integrate lessons and activities with much ease. They also have a professional development section for language art and literacy teachers with strategy guide and information on events, meetings, and online seminars, which are very helpful.

4. Learn Zillion

Learn Zillion, a useful website for teachers that covers a variety of topics on English language, art and math for K-8 grade learners. This platform can be a great source for new teachers and can assist learners to work on specific lessons who need extra help as its customizable feature allows the scope to tailor make the lessons for individual needs. LearnZillion is effective when used as a tool to boost the learning experience, also very useful for teachers to identify any gaps in students’ knowledge.

5. Learning for Justice

Learning for Justice is a slightly different platform suitable for educators who are looking for resources that encourages equality and diversity in education. in context to bullying and discrimination in the learning environment, Learning for Justice is an apt website with content on English language arts and social studies, offers a range of powerful lesson plans on anti-bullying, social justice, gender equity, and school integration. Teachers who are looking for classroom resources for improving school culture can surely use this platform to help students understand and embrace diversity.

Bonus resource platforms – YouTube & Pinterest

Both YouTube and Pinterest have already been established as ‘instantaneous’ teaching resource platforms. The only difference between the above-mentioned platform and these two is you need to screen a little bit and find what you are looking for. Starting with warmers to listening activities, YouTube videos are widely used for multiple purposes. All you need to do is adjust and amend according to your needs and you are good to go!

Pinterest, an endless creative gallery with appealing visuals and ideas, filled with enormous educational resources – lessons plans, activities for all teachers to enhance the classroom experience. One great way to find resources immediately is to follow educators' boards. You can also create your own board with different themes and units for future classroom practice.

Ready-made lessons can often help teachers to leverage the internet, which is a major source when it comes to saving time. It can also help teachers to feel less stressed. Nonetheless, it is also important for the teacher to check the contents before using them. With time you can surely adapt your way through providing a solid learning experience as you evolve.

Take TEFL/TESOL certification as the gateway to enter ESL teaching, with professional development and reliable resources, one can build a career smoothly.


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