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ChatGPT: Boon Or Bane? What To Do When Used For Cheating

 14th April 2023   no Comments   Share

Students are anonymously accepting that such AI writing tools are enormously helpful and that it is providing new guidance to them that was never seen before. However, educators providing online ESL teaching are talking about this new tool with dread as it has the potential to help students cheat. Read on to learn how you can stop this ongoing phenomenon. ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal

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Job Interview Prep 101: Know the Latest ESL Teacher Buzzwords

 31st March 2023   no Comments   Share

Interviewing for any job position takes preparation, planning, and practice even more so when it's an ESL job. Read on further to know every buzzword there is to know for acing your ESL interview. ...

Written By : Sanjana

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Ready To Teach In South Korea? Explore Your Options With EPIK Program

 6th March 2023   1 Comment   Share

South Korea is becoming extremely popular these days and it is the perfect way to try living abroad with a safety net of a secure income and job. Regardless of whether or not you are a first-time teacher or have immense classroom experience, teaching English in South Korea with an English program is a great option. Keep reading on to learn more about this role and how to land a teaching position in South Korea. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma

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Promote And Grow Your English Teaching Business Through Instagram With These Strategies

 27th February 2023   no Comments   Share

If you are not using Instagram to grow your English teaching business, your potential clients might never be able to find you and you might not expand your reach. Therefore, to become a successful entrepreneur try to use this medium as much as possible to reap the benefits. If you are new to the social media game, here are some tips that might help. ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal

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Stand Out in the Online TEFL Teacher Marketplace with These 10 Strategies

 16th February 2023   no Comments   Share

As a TEFL teacher, it can be overwhelming to market and build your online presence in teaching business online. With the rise of online learning, teacher marketplace platforms have grown exponentially in recent years making it much harder for teachers to stand out from the crowd. Explore our guide to know how you can stand out. ...

Written By : Bindita Sinha

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