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Follow These Tips to Stay Healthy During Flying

 24th February 2022   no Comments   Share

Remember, if you have decided to take up the job of an English teacher abroad then it is solely your responsibility to make sure that when you join that institution you must look fresh to radiate an optimistic aura. Therefore, you have to stay safe while traveling abroad and you must be aware of what to take while traveling. ...

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta

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Teach English in South Korea Successfully With These Tips

 10th February 2022   no Comments   Share

The English language is becoming more important in South Korea. It is the land of Korean BBQ, K-pop, and spectacular natural beauty. There’s superficially avid demand for ESL teachers. Read the blog to know more. ...

Written By : Anamika Mukherjee

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Teach Abroad and Pay Off Your Student Loan

 24th January 2022   no Comments   Share

TEFL courses are quite liked by students who are likely to start University abroad. The certification helps them to score ESL and teaching jobs as well as help them to pay the bank loans. Student loans are here to stay and so is education. When these academic enthusiasts learn how to teach while learning, college experience gets a new dimension. For the COVID struck world, this the hacks presented here have been serving beneficial already. ...

Written By : Sheetal Sharma

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Hacks While Teaching English Online First Time

 11th January 2022   no Comments   Share

Online TEFL courses or a diploma in TESOL/TEFL online courses will provide you with every detail that is required to teach English. You will learn about classroom management, lesson planning, lesson delivery, assessing the students, and so on. Then again, as soon as you step into the real world, you will begin to have real-life teaching experiences as you have to teach anywhere in the world. ...

Written By : Sonal Agrawal

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The Difference Between TEFL Certificate And TEFL Diploma

 23rd December 2021   no Comments   Share

Teaching English overseas can be an unclear place when you’re starting out. However, it all depends on what you want to do with your TEFL qualification. Let us go through the different TEFL levels. ...

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta

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