1 Day Seminar for Teachers / Trainers

1 Day Seminar for Teachers / Trainers

ACT’s one-day seminar on “Teaching with TEFL/TESOL” has been developed to acquaint aspiring as well as working teachers with the contemporary TEFL/TESOL teaching methodologies and techniques. The seminar will help create expert and specialized knowledge and provide latest information on teaching techniques for teachers that will provide them with complete guidance that they need to become an accomplished teacher, capable of teaching English or other subjects in diverse locations around the world.

TEFL/TESOL does not at all restrict your profession only as an English teacher, rather it gives you the opportunity to not just learn the international standards of teaching English but also gives you the confidence to apply your newly acquired English skills even while teaching other subjects in the English language. The seminar includes learning topics that touch upon teaching practices like English learning and communication which will not only be of great help while teaching English as a subject or communications skills, but also help teachers teaching other subjects in English, mostly in English medium schools and other learning organizations. Therefore if you are looking to become a TEFL/TESOL teacher abroad, or learn the new and innovative teaching methodologies and the uses of various teaching aids, then our 1 day seminar is apt for you.

The one-day seminar is perfect for you if you are looking to get an overall idea on the above discussed areas of teaching where our facilitator will focus on those.Since the seminar is only for one day, it will easily fit into your daily busy schedule.

Career scope for Trained TEFL/TESOL teachers

  • With the emergence of English Language Training (ELT) teaching is a feasible career opportunity for those with a flair for the language.
  • There are numerous EFL/ESL teaching openings in public schools, international schools, language institutes, as private tutors, spoken English teachers, freelancer and many more.
  • Teaching job opportunities in Asia, Middle east countries, Latin American countries, parts of Europe etc. are in plenty for trained teachers (especially with a TEFL certificate)

Why should you attend?

  • One day seminar apt for working professionals
  • Get the skills to teach today’s global classrooms
  • Know your strengths and interests to become a better educator
  • Individual attention will be paid to one and all
  • Introduction to international teaching standards
  • Teach primary, elementary, secondary classes
  • Easily learn ESL/EFL teaching methods<
  • Know how to manage a class full of diverse learners
  • Knowledge about prerequisites to teaching abroad
  • Theoretical as well as practical hands-on experience with activities
  • Get the knowledge of different job roles and opportunities

Who will conduct the seminar?

The seminar will be conducted by our skilled and certified trainers who are experienced and accomplished in the field of training.

Is this Seminar for You?

The seminar has been categorically designed for those with a penchant for teaching learners around the world. The seminar aims to cater to you if you belong to any of the below category:

  • Students fresh out of universities
  • Youngsters looking for a job in the education/teaching sector
  • Anyone in a mid-career crisis and looking for a career change
  • Experienced teachers or retired professionals looking for a greater exposure
  • Travellers with a passion for teaching

If you love our seminar and would like to have an in-depth idea on the modern international teaching methods and approaches, then you can choose from our array of TEFL courses available in both online and classroom learning modes. For more information, you can click on the link https://www.teflindia.com/

Current scenario of the Global Teaching Market

Since the past decade, teaching methodologies and techniques have undergone some major changes. No longer is rote learning the route to achieve educational excellence. Focus is now given more to learner centric teaching approaches with a lot of practical and visual images, proper use of phonology in the teaching process, along with the need to provide a safe learning environment. Knowing these contemporary methodologies being practiced in today’s 21st century classrooms is imperative for teachers and aspiring teachers so as to make a mark in this highly respectable yet competitive profession.

ACT’s seminar on 21st century teaching is focused to provide our participants with all new and innovative approaches so that you become a significant part of the global teaching scenario. The seminar also aims to acquaint you with the various opportunities in the global teaching market and how you too can play an integral part of it. Well trained and qualified teachers are being regularly hired in the South Asian nations like Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, and South Korea followed by the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin American nations.

For aspiring teachers, there is a huge demand for both native and non-native teachers across the world. The native speakers are mostly in demand in the European countries, Latin America etc. while non-natives are being recruited in schools, language institutes, and business houses in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Experienced teachers can expect to get opportunity in organizations of their choice and dictate their professional lives on their own terms.

Seminar Fee: 1000 INR Only*

*all our participants will be presented with Participation Certificate from ACT.

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