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Asian College of Teachers (ACT), a multiple award winning teacher training organization in Asia, bagging two prestigious awards - Asia Pacific Achievers' Award in 2016 and Indian Education Awards in 2017, has redefined Teacher Education by incorporating the latest teaching and learning methodologies while imparting training to teaching aspirants not only in modern pedagogical approaches but preparing reflective teachers with reformed mind-sets fit for 21st century classrooms.

Course Length : 2 years (Maximum 3 years)
Fees : Rs 1,50,000/- (One-time fee)
Rs 1,60,000/- (Instalment fee)
Exam Fee (per subject) : 100/- INR x 18 subjects
One-time fee in USD : 4000 USD
  • 10+2 is the minimum entry requirement
  • English Communication & writing
  • Both aspiring as well as experienced teachers are eligible to apply
Tutor : Complete online support from our experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers for Diploma in TEFL program and from reputed university faculty for their BA degree program.
  • Globally recognized certificate is awarded on successful completion
  • Receive Bachelor’s Degree certificate from a reputed university
  • TEFL Diploma Certificate will be issued by ACT
Application: Online Application
Registration: There are two admission cycles in a year : January & July respectively
  • ACT’s module wise assignments enable to complete the course hassle-free
  • The university’s Semester wise learning throughout the course is at par with the international learning trends
  • Learn about society, global social problems, behavioural science, computer applications, curriculum designing, project work, etc.
  • Learn all about latest EFL/ESL teaching methodologies approaches

A degree in any subject has an essential role to play in all our careers irrespective of the field. Teaching being a vast field and in constant demand for innovative approaches for its students, also demands a niche level of qualification from the ESL/EFL teachers as well. To compete at such scale, one needs to be highly competitive and definitely a BA in TEFL or TESOL is a qualification that can augment their ability to grow as future educational leaders.

Bachelors of Arts (Education)

Semester I
SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Foundation Course in Language-I 4
2 Introduction to Society 8
3 Behavioral Science-I 4
Semester II
SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Foundation Course in Language- II 4
2 Global Social Problems 8
3 Behavioral Science-II 4
Semester III
SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Communication Skills 4
2 Educational Psychology and Pedagogy 8
3 Social Research Methods 4
Semester IV
SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 English for Work Purposes 4
2 English for Academic Purpose 8
3 Computer Applications 4
Semester V
SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Educational Guidance 4
2 Educational Technology 4
3 Curriculum Design Principles 4
Semester VI
SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Educational Management 4
2 Educational Evaluation and Statistics 4
3 Project 10

TEFL – Asian College of Teachers

Semester I

  • Introduction to TESOL
  • Language Acquisition
    • Second Language Acquisition
    • Acquisition Vs. Learning
  • EFL teaching
    • Methodologies and Approaches
  • Learners
    • Language Learners and their levels
  • The Study of English
  • Grammar
    • Language Learners and their levels
  • Phonology
    • Segmental
    • Supra-segmental
Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Techniques (Language Skills)
  • Part I
    • Teaching speaking
    • Teaching Listening
    • Teaching reading
    • Teaching writing
  • Part II
    • Context and Language Modelling
    • Communicative ways
  • Classroom Management
    • The components
  • Disaster Management
    • Mixed and large groups

Semester II

  • Lesson Planning
    • Guidelines
    • Format
    • Samples
    • EAP
    • ESP
    • Business Communication
  • Teaching Young Learners
    • Difference between Adults and YL
    • Different orientation
    • Songs, Rhymes, Stories and games
  • Text books and Materials
    • Evaluating Text books
    • Types and use of Materials
  • Globally recognized certificate is awarded on successful completion
  • Receive Bachelor’s Degree certificate from a reputeduniversity
  • TEFL Diploma Certificate will be issued by ACT

The candidates will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree certificate from reputed University and also a TEFL diploma certificate from Asian College of Teachers. The certificates awarded have an added advantage as the words “Online” is not mentioned in the certificates. Shipment of certificates within India is done free of cost but the candidates residing outside India are required to pay an additional fee. Generally, after submission of all the assignments and completion of the course, the candidate has to pay the dispatch fee. After that we take the respective shipping address and contact number of the candidate and courier the certificate to the same. It takes a maximum of 3 weeks for the certificates to reach the candidate’s address.

  • Interested candidates applying for the course will have to wait for the confirmation from the University
  • Once confirmed by the University the candidate has to pay a registration fee of 25,000 INR
  • Relevant documents have to be submitted after the payment of registration fee
  • After the documentation, the candidate has to fill up online registration form and pay the University fee
Bachelor's Course– Fee in INR
One-time Fee 1,50,000/- INR
Exam Fee (per subject) 100/- INR x 18 subjects
Instalment Fee 1,60,000/- INR
Semester 1 30,300/-INR
Semester 2 30,300/-INR
Semester 3 26,300/-INR
Semester 4 26,300/-INR
Semester 5 23,400/-INR
Semester 6 23,400/-INR
Bachelor’s course – Fee in USD
One-time Fee 4000 USD
Semester 1 750 USD
Semester 2 750 USD
Semester 3 675 USD
Semester 4 675 USD
Semester 5 575 USD
Semester 6 575 USD

Teach English Abroad and get ready for a life of travel!!!


All our successful TEFL students will receive certification from ACT. TEFL students can receive Cambridge TKT certification after taking Cambridge TKT test through us. You will also have option to receive certificate from TESOL Canada, Canada's largest recognized online TESOL center.


ACT TEFL courses are accredited by world's largest TESOL accreditation body and the only Official Center to provide standards and accreditation to Teachers of English. Our Students have an option to appear in the respective exams conducted by TESOL Canada .

Be Employable

Sate your wanderlust, find work overseas and opt for a new lifestyle! Bachelors in TEFL course will boost your TEFL employability and make you eligible to opt for EFL/ESL teaching across the globe. The course provides fresh insights into the methodologies of EFL/ESL teaching.

Job Support

Bachelors with TEFL Course will not only provide you with a globally recognized certificate but will open new avenues when it comes to teaching English as a foreign language. ACT will provide 100% placement support and prepare you for a variety of career paths.

Our Course Highlights

Teacher Education streamlined for Global Classrooms

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is an award winning institution in Asia dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary TEFL/TESOL techniques but will show a deeper understanding of varied learners as well as different cultures incorporating emerging trends in EFL/ESL teaching across diverse classrooms.

  • Accredited by TESOL Canada
  • Online/In class / Residential courses
  • Easy instalment fee structure
  • Accredited with TESOL Canada
  • In operation since 2007
  • Complete the course as per your convenience
  • 50,000+ students completed the course
  • Award winning educational organization
  • Faculty support throughout the program
  • Job and placement supports
  • Academic Collaboration with reputed Universities

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Asian College of Teachers offers a 3 week intensive tailor-made in class TEFL/TESOL course for those aspiring TEFLers who are planning to travel and teach English abroad.

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