What are the benefits for TESOL?

What are the benefits for TESOL?

TESOL has multiple benefits - it prepares the aspiring teachers to be able to connect to actual classroom teaching. TESOL is all about the techniques of teaching the skill based tasks related to listening, reading, speaking and writing. The course itself is a comprehensive compilation of techniques and strategies that are required in day to day teaching process. The course covers the lesson plans and uses techniques that are applicable at all levels of language learning and for all ages-young learners to adults. Beyond the language teaching techniques TESOL explores into the classroom management tactics and how to deal with issues related to student management. The students may be adults as well as young learners.

The course also provides an overview of grammar and phonology that are important for any teacher in an ESL Classroom. The grammar games take the boredom out of the grammar classes and bring in fun in language learning. Phonology helps in focusing the areas where pronunciation needs rectification. These are a must in any language trainers' repertoire.

The practical aspect includes in-class teaching practice that helps a trainee teacher to incorporate the skills in actual classroom. It is an invaluable experience that gives the trainee an exposure to the real world of teaching.

TESOL opens up a whole new world of opportunities - one can be a teacher, coach, trainer and mentor. It can take you places across the globe and gives an opportunity to change lives.


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