Trinity Cert TESOL

Trinity Cert TESOL

The Trinity College London Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL) is a Level 5,200 hours initial teaching qualification designed to equip new and developing teachers with the basic knowledge and skills they need for teaching English language. The Trinity CertTESOL provides an introduction to the theory and practice of contemporary English language teaching and an insight into the challenges of facing learners.
The CertTESOL is a qualification that gives you the opportunity to learn new skills for teaching the English Language and the confidence to apply your newly acquired English skills while teaching learners in your classroom. The course includes learning topics that touch upon teaching practices likeTeaching skills, Language awareness & skills, materials assignment, etc. which will not only be of great help while teaching English as a subject or communications skills, but also help them to establish themselves as competent educators. Therefore, if you are looking to learn the correct way to teach learners and learn the new and innovative teaching methodologies and the uses of various teaching aids, then enrol for Trinity CertTESOL qualification.

  • With the emergence of English Language Training (ELT) teaching is a feasible career opportunity for those with a flair for the language.
  • There are numerous EFL/ESL teaching openings in public schools, international schools, language institutes, as private tutors, spoken English teachers, freelancers and many more.
  • Teaching job opportunities in Asia, Middle Eastern countries, Latin American countries, parts of Europe etc. are in plenty for trained teachers (especially with a TEFL certificate)

Choosing a career in TESOL offers teachers varied opportunities - to work from home and internationally, experiencing life in different cultures.

  • Get the practical skills to teach English Language in today’s global classrooms
  • Course includes Observations and Observed Teaching
  • Build knowledge of language itself, including lexis, grammar, phonology & discourse
  • Learn about different varieties of English around the world
  • Know how to assess a learner’s profile
  • Know how to manage a class full of diverse learners
  • Learn about the classroom materials that supports teachers in their teaching
  • Flexible course delivery with online learning option
  • Total qualification time is 200 hours
  • 200 hours comprises 130 hours’ guided learning (minimum) & 70 hours’ self-study
  • Essential theory and practical TESOL knowledge and skills,
  • Emphasis on professional awareness& development
  • Trinity validated certification
  • You will be awarded with CertTESOL certificate from Trinity College after successfully completing the course
  • With CertTESOL certificate from Trinity College you teach anywhere around the world

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All those interested to enrol in the program will be allocated a course coordinator/tutor, who will help you with all your queries and problems that you may face during your course. We are dedicated to help you achieve your learning goals in a hassle-free and smooth manner.

  • 10+2 is the minimum entry requirement
  • Both aspiring as well as experienced teachers are eligible to apply

The minimum eligibility criterion for enrolling in the program is 10 + 2. The CertTESOL is rated at Level 5 on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework, a comparable level to the second year of an undergraduate degree.

Trinity’s teaching qualifications are among the most widely recognised and respected in their field. The Trinity CertTESOL is listed at Level 5 on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications in the UK. The course is apt for:

  • Students fresh out of universities
  • Youngsters looking for a job in the education/teaching sector
  • Anyone in a mid-career crisis and looking for a career change
  • Travellers with a passion for teaching

Course Fee: 95,000 INR/1000 GBP

Apply now and transform the way students learn, progress and achieve!

Embark on your international TEFL career in Ahmedabad


ACT's successful TEFLers will receive certification from ACT and also from Cambridge after appearing for Cambridge TKT. Candidates can receive additional certificates from TESOL Canada, Canada's largest recognized online TESOL center and Training Qualifications UK, an Ofqual regulated British Awarding Organization after taking respective exams and also from FHSU if opting for Master's program.


ACT's TEFL courses are accredited by world's largest TESOL accreditation body and the Only Official Center to provide standards & accreditation to Teachers of English, TESOL Canada & TESOL USA with an option to appear in the TESOL Board exam. Courses are also endorsed by Ofqual regulated British Awarding Body, Training Qualifications UK.

Be Employable

Satiate your wanderlust, find work overseas and opt for a new lifestyle! Our TEFL course in Pune will boost your TEFL employability and make you eligible to opt for EFL/ESL teaching in top organisations across the globe. The course provides fresh insights into the methodologies of EFL/ESL teaching.

Job Support

TEFL Course in Pune will not only provide you with a globally recognized certificate but will also open new avenues when it comes to teaching English as a Foreign Language. ACT will provide 100% placement support and prepare you for a variety of career paths in the field of international education.

Our Course Highlights

Teacher's Training for Next Generation Learners

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is the leading teacher training institution in Asia dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques but will show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can effectively put into practice in diverse classrooms around the world.

  • Academic collaboration with FHSU, USA
  • 40,000+ students successfully completed the TEFL course
  • Multiple awards winning educational organization
  • Faculty support throughout the program
  • Job and placement support
  • In class / residential courses
  • Easy instalment fee structure
  • Accredited with TESOL Canada
  • Endorsed by Training Qualifications, UK
  • In Operation since 2007

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Our Testimonial

Asian College of Teachers offers a 3 week intensive tailor-made in class TEFL/TESOL course for those aspiring TEFLers who are planning to travel and teach English abroad.


Regular In-Class TESOL

Mumbai, India

It has been a delighting experience, over whelming support love and care from everyone. Will always cherish these memories.



Regular In-Class TESOL

Mumbai, India

It was an overall excellent experience. I would for sure suggest this course to anyone who is looking forward to explore the domain of teaching.



Regular In-Class TESOL

Mumbai, India

It has been a great experience for me and it will surely be an important landmark in my career growth. With this course, I have taken a positive step towards language education.



Regular In-Class TESOL

Mumbai, India

I had a wonderful experience of leaning and so much to discover. Never thought learning could be so much fun. I really look forward being a TEFL teacher.



Regular In-Class TESOL

Mumbai, India

My experience was great. The course has helped me gain confidence in myself and made me very creative.



Regular in-class TESOL

Mumbai, India

It was new and enriching.


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